Saturday, January 26, 2008


Miss America...TONIGHT!
I am so excited because I love pageants. LOVE THEM.

I've only been in one but I was raised to love them. My sister was Miss. Springville and from there went to Miss Utah. Since then I've just loved them. I also directed two pageants for a couple of years at Dixie.

This year the organization has mixed things up in order to improve ratings. So they've been doing a reality show that makes all the contestants live together for a month and strips them of everything they've learned and starts from scratch. I've only seen in a few times but it was pretty funny. It made me wish that Fred had more night classes so that I could watch it!
Tonight at 8:00 pm on TLC is the premiere of the new and improved Miss America Pageant.
I am pretty excited!
If you wanna come watch it! Give me a call!! Abbey and I will be indulging in a boyless treatfull night so come on over!

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