Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas

We headed to Utah for part 1 of the holidays this year. I went back a littler earlier than Fred because he got a new job and decided to stay and work some. Utah was just grand. I gained close to 5lbs because at the Taylor house grazing in the kitchen is like breathing. Luckily there weren't peanut butter bars - because my weight gain would have tripled. The Weather was amazing - snowing like crazy which is amazing until you have to shovel it. more than once in a day - and my parent's own a 4-plex so we got to do loooots of shoveling. (thank you for the invention of 4-wheelers, coats, gloves, and plows)

Erin in the snow
Fred stayed back in AZ for a few extra days so that he could work and make the big bucks so we'd have some spending money for the Holidays - so guess who threw out his back and hasn't been able to work at all? yep. that guy. He's was stuck on the couch at home alone icing and heating his own back while watching 303 episodes of Bones. So much for making the big bucks - but at least he was okay and fairly healed up by the time he got to Utah.

Then on top of him throwing out his back, he and I both came down with some kind of 24-hour bug (24 hours for me...40 hours for him). It was miserable - we stayed on the couches for an entire day unable to eat or move. it wasn't his favorite Christmas for that reason.

Other than the sickness and the back issues we had an amazing time. It really made me never want to return to Arizona - I'm crazy like that.

Instead of giving you a play-by-play here are some of the few pictures I got (I took lots on my sister's camera...but whoops never got copies).

Acting out the Christmas Story - there were more kids at the beginning but they were bored before we even started.
Wardrobe courtesy of my mother's amazing, endless closet's 
My valiant mule
I put a lot of miles on this old girl getting to Bethlehem

waiting for Christmas jammies from Grandma
Thanks fam for a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Say What?

Wow. Who still has a post about Thanksgiving up with a Christmas background? Hmmm. Looks like I'm that person.

Things are just chugging along here in Arizona. It's been hotter than hades the last few days - which really isn't that hot (75-80) but in December it feels like 115. Especially when you've vowed to NOT turn your A/C back on so you sweat it out as long as possible without fainting from heat exhaustion. I finally caved though and turned it on (mostly because we had house guests and well...I didn't want to be that host)

We're gearing up for Christmas vacation - a much needed, much deserved vacation with both families. We'll be hitting my mom's house for Christmas and then heading to the dirty dirty for New Years.

What are your holiday plans?