Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Again

After almost an entire month in Utah...I'm back. Back in the heat. Back in the home office. Back to "real" life.
Instead of posting lots of different posts about what I did, I'm summing it up in one.

During June I:
  • Played and Worked in Logan. I forget how BEAUTIFUL Cache Valley is. This was the real reason I was in Utah - so I worked 15-hour days and stayed up entirely too late each night catching up with friends. Completely and totally worth the exhaustion. Thanks Amanda and Brandon for letting me stay at your house for days and days!!

  • participated in my 3rd Art City 5k. Let me go ahead and be honest. I didn't train. I've been going to the foot doc for months and the day before I left I got inserts to wear for the race. I think they worked. Only because the rest of my body hurt more so the pain from my foot was silenced. My time was sad - but not horrible for a girl from a different altitude and who didn't train.

  • Attended some Art City Days festivities with the fam

  • headed back to Logan for more work stuff

  • My Grandma passed away suddenly. It was a very sad, teary-teary day.

  • Met up with one of my favorite people, Abbey, for some overdue catch up time, fro-yo, and photo booth sessions

  • spent ample time with family though strangely enough at the end of the month it wasn't enough time!!

  • babysat, worked, babysat, worked

  • attended my cousin's wedding

  • Made cake pops

  • laughed until I cried with my besties

  • welcomed my little sister Erin home from her LDS mission in Kentucky

  • attempted to kidnap all my nephews and nieces
  • was finally reunited with the mister after 21 days apart

  • visited old friends

  • had my toes done (and looove them)
    • Threw a surprise birthday party in Logan for Fred with all our friend's in Logan (a month early but who cares!)

    and for all the pictures I didn't post....

    I can't believe June has already come and gone! I loved every second of my Utah trip (except for a few in the middle). But I guess I'll settle back into life here in the 480...

    **i took the music off the slide show because man...that was annoying.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010


    I might have googled how to spell that word. maybe.

    I've taken bit of a hiatus from blogging. It's been amazing. Not because I don't have plenty to blog about or that I don't want to but life has been insanely busy. The kind of busy that makes you wonder how you'll accomplish your many tasks in the small amount of hours in the day. Or has you second guessing whether sleep is really needed.

    On a couple of occasions the answer to the latter has been no. not necessary.

    Me exhausted after a 15 hour day at work...

    I'm hanging out in Utah this month. Freddie is all by his lonesome - loving life.

    Let's go ahead and talk about that for a sec - so my fear of him starving to death is completely and totally wrong. Not only is he eating but he's actually COOKING for himself. like meals. WTH.
    It's amazing that when I'm not around he actually knows how to cook and shop for good food. But hells bells if I'm there he literally cannot fathom the idea of making anything. Something is wrong with this picture.

    Being in Utah has been better than expected - it's not all bliss but for the most part life is good here. I miss it. I miss the mountains. and our friends/family. sigh.
    What I don't miss? eating 24-hours a day. I literally have this hunger that cannot be satisfied. I have to eat everything in sight. I'm slowly gaining control. thankfully. Why Utah! Why!?

    There are posts to come...and I'll try to be better since my Utah trip lasts another couple of weeks (that are already scheduled and spent pretty much...sheesh).

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    New Rule

    Fred and I should ONLY be allowed to hang out with our married friends when we're TOGETHER.

    Because when we're on our own...secrets are told.

    Like the time I spilled the beans that sometimes (cough most of the time cough) a certain man-of-the-house finds clothing optional - and it's safest to call ahead.

    Or most recently on Friday night when Fred went to dinner with some friends celebrating a friend's bday. I wasn't able to play until after I got off work. But by then - the damage was done.

    You see, along with our regular friends there were some irregular friends. Including the Bishop. The very Bishop I've told no to for speaking in church 3 times. The one I avoid at church for fear it'll result in a calling, prayer, or special assignment. Yep. That guy.

    While I was working so so hard, Fred willingly threw me under the bus. There was no thought as to 'no she'd be embarrassed' or 'my wife is so beautiful, I'd never say something to get her in trouble'. He just told the Bish that I'm the reason we haven't spoken. I'm the one who makes him say no. Awkward.

    I'm so glad I won't be around to go to church for the next month. Then again...

    dear friends - please disregard anything/everything Fred says about me over the next month. Especially if it's about any of my habits, my recent anti-social behavior, moodiness, or anything else you know I'd be mortified about.

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    The Home Office

    I've been telecommuting, aka working from home for 7 months now. Wow. Who knew I'd survive this long!? Because I seriously didn't.

    Lately though, I can tell you both Fred and I are beginning to dream about moving my office as I am "in the way" of Fred if he's home.

    through the door on the left is the laundry room and then into the garage so anytime Fred has to leave or comes home I have to scooch all the way in or move out of the way. Trust me it gets pretty annoying. For both of us.

    So then we started thinking...what if I just used our extra room for my office - benefits including:
    1. the ability to SHUT the door therefore not getting distracted by Fred watching tv, listening to music, or wanting to hang out

    2. more space

    3. out of the way

    4. Fred could use this little nook for doing homework instead of using the coffee table - which he always leaves a mess. (the coffee table which also serves as the dining room table - psh seriously we aren't ghetto)

    5. Plus we'd add something like this to our furniture list:

    I'm seriously dreaming of this computer armoire...

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Things to NOT say

    • "Your legs are getting vainy, you know what that means right? You're getting OLD."
      FYI they are NOT vainy. Like really they aren't. mmmk?

    • "your boobs are freaking gigantic - you're screwed when we have kids"
      no. joke.

    • "stop wearing cardigans with everything - are you 90?"
      cardigans are stylish. suck it.

    • "Does it make you feel bad that I'm like 50 shades darker than you?"
      crap. no defense on this one.

    We're sooo in love.