Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas

We headed to Utah for part 1 of the holidays this year. I went back a littler earlier than Fred because he got a new job and decided to stay and work some. Utah was just grand. I gained close to 5lbs because at the Taylor house grazing in the kitchen is like breathing. Luckily there weren't peanut butter bars - because my weight gain would have tripled. The Weather was amazing - snowing like crazy which is amazing until you have to shovel it. more than once in a day - and my parent's own a 4-plex so we got to do loooots of shoveling. (thank you for the invention of 4-wheelers, coats, gloves, and plows)

Erin in the snow
Fred stayed back in AZ for a few extra days so that he could work and make the big bucks so we'd have some spending money for the Holidays - so guess who threw out his back and hasn't been able to work at all? yep. that guy. He's was stuck on the couch at home alone icing and heating his own back while watching 303 episodes of Bones. So much for making the big bucks - but at least he was okay and fairly healed up by the time he got to Utah.

Then on top of him throwing out his back, he and I both came down with some kind of 24-hour bug (24 hours for me...40 hours for him). It was miserable - we stayed on the couches for an entire day unable to eat or move. it wasn't his favorite Christmas for that reason.

Other than the sickness and the back issues we had an amazing time. It really made me never want to return to Arizona - I'm crazy like that.

Instead of giving you a play-by-play here are some of the few pictures I got (I took lots on my sister's camera...but whoops never got copies).

Acting out the Christmas Story - there were more kids at the beginning but they were bored before we even started.
Wardrobe courtesy of my mother's amazing, endless closet's 
My valiant mule
I put a lot of miles on this old girl getting to Bethlehem

waiting for Christmas jammies from Grandma
Thanks fam for a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Say What?

Wow. Who still has a post about Thanksgiving up with a Christmas background? Hmmm. Looks like I'm that person.

Things are just chugging along here in Arizona. It's been hotter than hades the last few days - which really isn't that hot (75-80) but in December it feels like 115. Especially when you've vowed to NOT turn your A/C back on so you sweat it out as long as possible without fainting from heat exhaustion. I finally caved though and turned it on (mostly because we had house guests and well...I didn't want to be that host)

We're gearing up for Christmas vacation - a much needed, much deserved vacation with both families. We'll be hitting my mom's house for Christmas and then heading to the dirty dirty for New Years.

What are your holiday plans?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Every year I "admire" those that do a handful of thankful posts yet can't bring myself to do them. However, I would feel incredibly ungrateful if I didn't give thanks for all of my blessings in life.

Here is my 2010 gratitude list (and I know I'm not covering everything):
  • for Fred. for making me laugh. for working so hard. for going to a job he hates just to bring home a little chunk of bacon. and for loving me no matter how crazy I am at times. 
  • for family. Moving away from family has been really good but is sometimes hard. It's been a huge blessing though. Both of our families are incredibly supportive and we've loved seeing them when they've visited. We miss them all and wish everyone could all live close. I've been lucky enough to have a job that pays for me to visit Utah every now and again. When I'm home I see who I can and then pretty much don't leave my mom or my sister's side for the rest of the time. We can hardly wait for Christmas when we get to see BOTH families.
  • for old friends. When we left Logan, we left some of the best people we've ever known. Our friends there and in Salt Lake were one of the hardest things to leave. I'm grateful that we all still talk and get together. I'm grateful that I'm able to see them when I'm in Logan for work and that it's like we still live down the road. (not to mention my besties from HS and College - I'm so glad I talk to some of you daily and that we still get together)
  • for new friends. It took me a good nine months to feel like AZ was home. We were incredibly blessed to find friends right off that bat. I can honestly say that my happiness in this state was truly impacted by my wonderful friends here.
  • for jobs. I'm grateful my job allowed me to pick up and move to another state without skipping a beat. I'm grateful that they bring back to Utah every now and again and are nice enough to fly me in early so I can see my family. I'm grateful that after almost a year, Fred was able to get a job for one of the best golf course companies in the country. I'm grateful for the opportunities it'll bring in the future.
  • for technology. from planes to texting to facebook to modern medicine. I'm grateful to have access to it all. I'm grateful to be able to communicate with family and friends through the day.
  • For the Church. I think I took the Church for granted in Utah a little. In Arizona, it was the first place we located. I'm grateful for the crazy teenagers that we teach each Sunday and for the friends I have there. I'm grateful for my testimony and for Temples. I'm so grateful to know I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • for books. I'm grateful for my love of reading and books. though a novel a day is a little overboard at times.
  • for you readers. It's lame but we're all driven by blog comments - I'm grateful for you who check in, laugh at my posts and probably roll your eyes at others. Thanks for coming back time after time.
Hope you're spending Thanksgiving with those you love. 
Happy Turkey Day!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A peek inside the lives

A lot of people have been wondering what it's like being married to a 2-TIME Olympic GOLD medalist. well let me tell you - because I know from experience.

people watch us constantly - we've even had people smile in our direction. You would think that with this new celebrity status that we would be able to take full advantage of the sponsors and free trips that people have offered us - but no. We're not like that. My gold medalist is humble and likes to just blend back into the crowd and keep his status as a poor student.

We believe in still living like everyone else - we put our pants on 1 leg at a time. We use coupons at the grocery store. We hang out with friends and veg out on the couch because we can. Fred isn't a snooty gold medalist. Suuure he has 2 chunks of gold hanging from around his neck at all times. but who wouldn't. It's GOLD, baby.

Sometimes it's hard to be a 2-time olympic gold medalist's wife because people just expect me to be amazing all the time. which is definitely not out of the ordinary for me - obviously - but ya know sometimes I just want to be "normal" again. But I guess my life will never be that way again because he'll probably be adding more gold medals in the future - this is our life now - famous...famous...famous.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I smell gold

Fred has been volunteering for the Special Olympics for the last couple of months. Every week he goes out with his buddy Mike to practice, trash talk, and play some golf.

Saturday, October 30th, Fred and Mike competed in a Special Olympics tournament and won GOLD!
(please note: I clarified and no, not everyone gets a gold medal - it's earned!)

Next weekend they'll compete in the State Championship where I'm smelling another GOLD! I'm really sad because I have to miss it since I'll be in the 801 for work but I know they'll do awesome!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fun Fact

Here's a fun fact about me - I hate fish. Hate really is too nice of a word for the way I feel about fish. I hate the smell, the texture, the taste, the everything else about them.

oh but Chana you have to try thisandthis fish - it isn't fishy at all!!
B.S. it's a fish therefore it's fishy - and no amount of your coaxing and lies will get me to believe the words coming out of your mouth.

But guess who tried sushi over the weekend and didn't die?
This girl.

and guess who might actually admit that it was okay and possibly borderline good? yep. me again.

looks like I'll eat just about anything if its fried and contains cream cheese (oh hello inner fat girl!)

I tried a vegas roll? and took a bite of a few others just because I'm tough like that.

This bravery was rewarded by gelato as all bravery should be.

oh and I learned how to use chop sticks - it took awhile and I've already forgotten but boy was it funny - I'm the opposite of coordinated. in every way.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Guess Who...

Guess who got a dog recently?
            Our neighbor.

Guess what kind?
            a yappy one.

Guess who barked from 2:30pm to midnight SATURDAY and then again from 4am - 11am  (at least that's when we left for church) on SUNDAY?
             that $%#@ dog.

Guess who didn't answer the door when Fred banged on the door at 5:30am?
             the neighbor.

Guess who left the poor dog alone - locked in the kitchen for the weekend?
             the neighbor.

Guess who could only find 1 pair of ear plugs but was nice enough to give me half?

Guess who was forced to sleep with one ear plugged and one ear pressed in a pillow?

Guess who would have taken the dog if there weren't laws against breaking and entering?

Guess who now has a formal complaint about them and their dog at the management office?
             the neighbor.

We were ticked about the barking but after figuring out that the poor dog was locked in the kitchen alone for such a long period of time we were more angry at the neighbor. That poor pup - I'd be crying too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Public Apology

Dear Fred,

I'm really sorry about last night - but you had to know there was no way I was going to be able to sleep with a cockroach on the loose in our room.

I'm sorry I turned on all the lights after you'd been asleep for a couple of hours and that you got mad because you had to get up reeeaaally early to go play golf.

I'm sorry I didn't scream quietly when I finally found the huge cockroach in a dirty shirt and then went on to kill it loudly like in a horror movie. I just had to make sure it was dead - it was my first cockroach murder - and I swear someone once told me that they are really hard to kill, so it was necessary for me to kill it with your church shoe...hitting it repeatedly...then stand on the shoe and jump, then squeal as I moved the shoe and picked it up with toilet paper - because I wasn't sure if the jumping actually killed it. (note: it did)

I'm sorry that after I was done you couldn't fall back into dreamland and had to go watch tv for who knows how long...

and I didn't know you were leaving at 5:15 this morning. that is early. it makes me feel even worse.

If it's an consolation...I slept pretty good.

Don't be mad okay?

your wifey

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Weekend

This weekend we will be enjoying the gorgeous fall scenery much like this:

We'll probably have to bundle up and drink hot chocolate just to stay warm. But I can't wait!!


Where do I live? Oh. yeah. We won't be doing any of that because Fall looks like this around these parts:

dead and deserty.


At least I have Winter in Arizona to look forward to.

for those of you enjoying the cooler temps...
and layers...
and pumpkin patches...
and hot coco...
enjoy some for me.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Sky Country

last weekend's getaway was a little surprise for Fred. I booked the tickets about a month ago and then didn't tell him anything until about 5 days before. With his school schedule it finally came down to me having to tell him something so that I could make sure he came home when he needed to so we could make our flight.

He had no idea where we were going until we got to the airport. It was soo hard to keep my mouth shut.

Instead of giving you a play-by-play I'll just tell you it was a blast and we are lucky to have such good friends who pamper us, let us stay at their house, and use their stuff! Love you John and Amber!

Mmmm Burrito

Who just picks up a building and moves it across the street? They do - and they have some pretty yummy food too!

The biggest steak I have ever seen - 32 oz

If Amber didn't look so cute I wouldn't post this gross picture of me...

will I ever learn to not make nasty faces?

Fred and Chris (a friend from the mish)

I'm sorry I judged you Montana. I should never have let Lima ruin your good name. You are BEAUTIFUL (for the most part...part of you looks like the butt of Utah though) - and made me remember that Fall is my favorite season - something I forget in the AZ sun.

Friday, October 1, 2010


We ran away to Montana for the weekend

Maybe we'll come back.
Maybe we won't.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pointers for your pointers

In order to make a bra fitting uber awkward follow the fool-proof steps developed and tested by yours truly:
  1. eat taco soup for 2 days prior to your fitting
  2. Wear leggings. the ones that give you a muffin top
  3. when you get to the room, make a comment about not knowing what to do because it's only your 2nd time
  4. Opt to not wear your white "undershirt" so that there isn't any additional awkwardness
  5. make a comment about selecting the wrong pants to wear for a bra fitting
  6. when the girl helps you out of your bra (this will be awkward on it's own) try to not turn and face her while your completely topless
  7. when she assists in putting on the fitting bra that is mostly transparent - don't double check the location of your headlights - surprise peeks are totally acceptable
  8. tell management to leave the AC on - it's fine in a transparent bra
  9. when she's out pulling new bras, adjust your leggings. pulling them up to minimize your muffin top but giving you a front and back wedgie - it's hot
  10. also because the fitting bra is different than any bra you've ever worn keep poking and feeling yourself without realizing it - keep doing this after she's returned to the room
  11. after finding the bra you love, tell her to tell you how amazing your boobs look
  12. go to work and say to coworkers (only women) (and ones that recently had a boob job) "oh my gosh - look at my boobs! Don't they look amazing?"
And they do. What a difference a good bra and the right size makes!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Day

Today is my last day at job #2. It's a little bittersweet. I don't feel like its my last day (plus I might go back during holiday) but then I think in terms of discount and then I begin to panic and think of all the things I "need" that really...I don't need but MUST have so I can have 20% off of them. (and really - 20% isn't that much when you think of it)

I really like working there and if I didn't already have a full-time job (and didn't like weekends and holidays to do as I pleased) then I would stay. Some of my favorite moments have included:

  • seeing a girl go from zero confidence to 100% confidence because of an outfit I picked out for her
  • being the neutral party when school shopping so moms and daughters still love each other at the end
  • having regular customers that hug me when they come in and wait until I'm available to shop

self: you don't need to stock up on things that you will need sometime down the road. Besides you don't have the money to go crazy and really - isn't that one of the reasons we're saying goodbye to this place? Though a new bra isn't negotiable. When the husband begins to publicly make fun of the 1 you's time.

I'm so excited to have nights and weekends to myself again. I finally feel settled and comfortable so that I will actually get out and do things with my friends instead of going crazy in my house like I was last Winter. I'm excited for book club, crafting, reading, girls trips, and working out again.

Bring on the tighter budget (for which I'm starting the Dave Ramsey class again) and the freedom!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lookie Here

I FINALLY got a copy of Mockingjay from the happiest place on earth (the public library).

I'm doing everything in my power to not read it until:
  1. I've finished my current read: The Great Gatsby
    which I felt like I had to read because it's one of the best books of all time - but honestly...I haven't finished it and I've had it for a week. That right there is a sign that I'm not loving it
  2. finish/start writing my talk for Sunday (yep. this girl got cornered and had no choice but to say yes)
  3. do laundry - because soon we'll be naked
No spoilers!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Money Tree

Some day I'd like a money tree.

A tree unaffected by the seasons, drought, or lack of care.

I'd like a never ending supply of this tree's fruit.

Things I'd buy with my tree's fruit:

  1. another tree
  2. lots of plane tickets to lots of places
  3. a "manly" truck for freddie
  4. a house with a big kitchen for me
  5. jewelry to replace what Southwest lost
  6. clothes/shoes/make-up
  7. crafting supplies and
  8. an endless supply of drinks from sonic

I mean really - it's not like that's a lot or anything!

Where does one buy a tree like this?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

Dear Fred-
I love you. I'm glad we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary last week. Sorry I didn't do a special post highlighting my love for you. Maybe if we would have posed in that thing at the restaurant I would have. Oh and speaking of that restaurant - let's not go back.

Dear Friday Night Lights-
hi. it hasn't been 12 hours since we last hung out, but I'm hoping to make it the day without you. I need to actually accomplish something substantial today. But seriously I love you and you've made me start talking with a Southern accent.

Dear Di-
I hate you for getting me addicted to FNL.

Dear family -
I loved seeing all of you this weekend. I hated the circumstances but loved the time spent together. It was too short of a trip and one that puts me back on the 'maybe we could move to Utah' bandwagon. But it wouldn't be Utah County so don't get too excited.

Dear Job #2-
Sorry I gave you my 2 weeks notice. It's just I really need to focus on my real job and since I have been paying you lately instead of getting paid by you...I think it's time to cut ties. I've loved you though and will miss all my co-workers and regular customers!

dear HS shoplifters-
I guess you're welcome for not catching you? I'm a little mad that you stole from me after I sat and talked with you girls for a long time. It wasn't my fault that you three were pros at it but know that I'm not happy and neither is your mom. Oh and nice try girl #3 on coming back with a new friend to try the same thing. tsk tsk - seriously.

Dear Arizona-
we all voted and we're ready for Fall. sound good? good.

Dear Sunny-
I've missed you. I loved our bike ride to the library (the happiest place in Chandler) the other day. I can't wait to ride you all the time since I'll actually have time to do it.

Dear running shoes-
um. well. I don't have any excuses except that I haven't had time to even put you on since uh, well, earlier this summer. That is changing and will be different starting in October...or November.

Dear Glee-
you and me. tonight. I. can't. wait. It will be magical, musical, and down right amazing I'm sure. I'm having a mini-celebration in your honor.

Dear Vitamix blender-
You're all I think about. After your demo the other day at Costco, I can't stop thinking about pressing your buttons to create culinary masterpieces. Ice Cream and Soup from one beautiful machine? oh, you! I think our union is essential to the health and happiness of my family.

Dear iphone-
we need to talk. You need to update yourself and unlock yourself because this girl just can't seem to find the gall to do it. So could you make it happen? Oh and this girl also doesn't know that gall means. unless speaking of the gal bladder - in which case she still doesn't know.

Dear crop dusters-
You seem to be everywhere. The security line at the airport, the cash register at job #2, and more frequently...the grocery store. Can't you be more careful about the location of the "drop"? Things to not do: "drop" and then in a rush of air put your clothing choices on the counter...bringing a little sample of your brand. and the security line is a given no-no. hold it until the terminal. thanks.

Dear Hoarders (the show)-
you make me gag and want to purge my house. Thank you for helping America.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Time

When we got back from Moab - we immediately got to start playing with Fred's bro Johnathan, SIL Grace, and their 2 boys - Lukas (2) and Isaac (5 mon).

We hadn't ever met Isaac and last time Lukas hated me so I was a little nervous but their trip was really fun!(minus the 2 year old tantrums and the teething moments of shrieking)

while they were here we:
  1. swam at the pool - Lukas is fearless and will jump in after his floating noodle without a second thought.
  2. ate out - toooo much
  3. convinced Christina and Michael to come visit from St. G so we had lots of Walds under one roof (unfortunately we didn't take any pictures while they were lame!?)
  4. walked around the Mesa Temple
  5. hung out at the PGA store (Grace and I found a was a blessing)
  6. went to Canyon Lake - it was amazing! The weather was perfect and the boys even found some cliffs to jump off of. Including Lukas! He jumped off a 6 footer!!
  7. Discovered the GoldField Ghost town - it was this awesome old west town on the way to canyon lake.
  8. went to the Desert Botanical Gardens (thank heavens for free passes from the Library!)
  9. introduced Johnathan and Grace to the amazingness of How I Met Your Mother

Lukas still wasn't a huge fan of me until the last day or 2 (and then he liked me and actually played with me) and Isaac would just stare at me for hours. I'm convinced it's because I'm blond - at least that's what I'm telling myself!

Lukas just loooved Fred though. It made us wish we lived closer so we could visit and play much more often! (and so it wouldn't take sooo long for Lukas to warm up to me!! - some day...some day...)

Here are some pics in no particular order - because I'm lazy like that.

proof that he doesn't hate this moment

Lukas doing the splits

Johnathan, Grace, and the boys

At the botanical gardens - hunting for dinosaurs (lizards)

Thanks for coming to visit! We love you guys!

Who wants to come next?

LoToMo 2010

Well well well, a week later and I'm ready to do the run down of the 1st Annual LoToMo trip. What is the LoToMo? It stands for the Logan to Moab trip - we made it up because we're cool like that.

This trip brought together our most favorite people from Logan (well - originating in we're all over). First let's introduce the players:

  • Bo and Lacey (and baby kayda) - residents of the thriving metropolis of Green River. They are kind of the 'it' couple of the community. It was like being with celebs.
  • Amanda and Brandon (and baby brooklyn) - the planners of the first trip. Still residents of Logan but have roots in Green River so they hooked us up with free accommodations. They were the guides, cooks, and Green River experts.
  • Dana and Jake - new residents to a little town we call Denver. They graced us with hilarious comments/questions, elf shoes, and sponge bob-ness.
  • Kalli and Jordan - also residents of Logan. Jordan is the famous golfer that just won the Cache Valley Open and Kalli is the golf widow with whom I spent my days on the course. gossiping. not golfing.
  • Chana and Fred - making the journey from the desert of Phoenix. We brought the inappropriate comments, sarcasm, and a little bit of funny.
Now that you've met us all. Let's break down this trip in pictures.

Day 1: Friday - meet up. eat up. fire it up.

we headed to Crystal Geyser after a delicious meal prepared by the Amanda, Brandon, and his parents. Crystal Geyser and I have some history - as in every. single. moab trip to visit my bro included stopping at this Geyser. which resulted in years of seeing nothing erupt. This trip was no different. But fun none the less. We made a fire. roasted some 'mellows and laughed at Bo for thinking the flash of the camera was lightening in the clear sky. We ended the night after Kayda decided rocks were better than cheerios.
wait but was the night over? nope. Brooklyn kept us awake with her crib shaking shinanigans...

Day 2: Saturday - goblins, water, and taverns...oh my.

We headed to Goblin Valley for some inappropriate pictures (maybe one to grace the christmas card this year??). The boys (and Dana) found a cave and shoved Dana up the birthing hole to come out the other side. After she made it, all us girls climbed into the cave and were pressured into 'thinking skinny' and going through as well. I couldn't stop laughing and turned into dead weight for Brandon and Fred to lift up and kicked Kalli in the face. Kalli who got stuck in the cave last (but not least) was brave enough to ask a dad for a boost - turned out he didn't really need to help but a butt grab was available so he took it.

After some lunch - and a whole watermelon (see notes below), we headed back to the house to gear up to go river rafting. We blew up the rafts, got a lift from Bo and set out on the open green river. Fred took on the position of captain and had us all paddling for our lives. Good thing we were all in pristine condition. heh.

That night we ate at Ray's Tavern (yummmm. yummmm. yummmm) and played some games at Bo and Lacey's Green River Mansion. Nothing brings friends together like a few games of signs, and 3-people on a couch. oh and brownies. Lacey and I whipped up a batch of homemade brownies. It's like we should be on the Food Network or something. amazingness and sass? believe it.

Day 3: "I thought there'd be more arches?"

Yep we headed into Moab to visit Arches. We hiked to Delicate Arch - it was awesome and actually really fun! We hung out at the arch for a bit - where the boys turned into kids and climbed all the rocks and grinned like crazies.

This was a few of the friend's first time at Arches and unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see lots of it. So while sitting up at Delicate Arch, Kalli said, "I thought there would be more Arches?"

Next year Kalli. Next year.

We said goodbye to the friends that had to hit the road and then the rest of us hit La Hacienda for some delicious mexican food. The chips and salsa there are probably the best in the world.

When the numbers dwindled down to just us and the Brady's we hung out at my brothers then walked the stores on mainstreet in Moab.

Then LoToMo officially ended.

It was seriously one of the funnest weekends of the summer. We loved it.
We've taken the lead for LoToMo 2011 so we'll see what craziness will be planned for next year's trip!


  • Fred hates watermelon (gasp). Wait no - he hates ALL melon. So at the Wald house we don't eat it because while I looove me some melon - I can't eat it all on my own. So Bo brought a watermelon to goblin valley and I got a little too excited. I attempted to eat the whole thing but alas. I failed. So we offered it to another family who saw through my nastiness and accepted.
  • Lacey's ipod holds the greatest hits - including I'm a genie in a bottle.
  • The Brady's are sneaky little bandits and are expecting baby #2 (and even knew when I stayed with them in August!!)
  • Amanda is an amazing seamstress. She showed us some crib bedding that she made for her sister and it was amazing. Some day if I have a baby I will be getting my stuff from her!
  • We also got to go up to the mountain and hang out with my bro and his fam for the day - it was amazing. We loved the cool mountain air, rhino rides, exploring, and family time.

Here are some more pics - if you're dying to see more!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outta Here

Goodbye Arizona. For the next five days we will be taking refuge in one of our favorite places in the world.

This is a much needed vacation marking the completion of Fred's second semester of school (and half way point!) and getting me out of working two jobs for a few days.

We'll spend time with our besties from Cache Valley, our crazy babies, and hike/swim/laugh/gossip/munch/settle-catan/paint toes/relax.

Upon our return we hope to be re-charged, darker (skin), happier, and ready to start back up in this crazy life of ours.

Plus when we get back we get to play with more family and these two rugrats who will be visiting from the dirty dirty.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Vacay

Yesterday was amazing. I didn't want it to end.

Fred doesn't have school in Tuesdays and I finally had a day off from job #2 so I took the day off from job #1 and we hit the road to Tucson.

A few of our friends were down at a conference there so while they sat in classes - we sat at the pool. Did I mention it was amazing?

We sat in tubes circling a lazy river, basked in the sun on the lounge chairs, and just hung. out. When our friends finally finished we headed into Tucson for dinner. The food was only sub-par but the company was hilarious (and for the record - Tucson is ghetto).

What we didn't get? pictures. Nope not one.
Well except of a nasty tarantula found at the hotel that Fred picked up and wanted to bring home. He was really sad when I told him no. So then I felt bad and said he could but he had to hold the box on his lap the entire time but that the spider was not coming in the house. at all. He pouted but made the right decision to let the spider stay in Tucson.

How sad is it that that marks our first mini-vacay in AZ? Not the last.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summers are for...

Beaver Creek, Arizona

All summer all I've wanted to do is go camping and swimming. I've heard amazing things about escaping the heat and camping in Arizona (I want to go to beaver creek sooo bad) - but things are a little busy.

Things like:

  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Fun with friends
  • Cook outs
  • Crafts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Laying in the sun
  • Taking a weekend trip to Cali

Are all on my to-do list this summer but most of these things you can't do when you work 70+ hours a week.

Yep, this is me complaining about having two jobs. One I know is full-time but lately job #2 thinks that full-time is okay as well.

I'm. burnt. out.

I hope you're all out enjoying the summer for me!! Have an extra piece of watermelon and a cob of corn for me okay?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big 3-0

Yesterday was the day Fred had been dreading for the last year. The day he turned the

BIG 3-0.

If I were one of those bloggers that was more on the cheesy side than on the sarcastic side I'd probably make this a post about how much I love him and how I'm so lucky that I married such a great man.

I'd probably add something about how his amazing drive and attitude really helps me be a better person and how I love that he's always encouraging me to try something new or find a new hobby.

I'd probably give 30 reasons why I love the guy and most of them would produce verge-of-gagging results to anyone that happened upon this here blog. You know stuff like: I love how he can always make me smile even when I'm really mad or I love the way he snuggles me in the morning.

I'd post a million pictures of him - because I would have made him take a bunch of pictures by himself...just for this occasion.

But instead I'll wish my hubby a happy 30th birthday, post a semi-embarrassing picture, and sum it all up with I love you babe and man you're old!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creamy Chicken Taquitos

I got this recipe from my good friend McKell - who never fails when it comes to recipes. This is amazingly delicious...and easy! It's been awhile since I've shared a good recipe so here's one you should! (we loved this so much that we made it twice in a matter of days...and had to double it the 2nd time so we could eat it the next day too!)

1/3 cup (3 oz) cream cheese
1/4 cup green salsa
1 tsp lime juice
1/2 tsp cumin
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder or granulated garlic
3 tbs chopped cilantro
2 tbs chopped green onions
2 cups shredded cooked chicken
1 cup grated pepper jack cheese
small corn tortillas
kosher salt

heat oven to 425 degrees. Line baking sheet with foil and spray with nonstick spray. Heat cream cheese in microwave for 20-30 seconds until it is softened and easy to stir, add green salsa, lime juice, spices - stir to combine. Then add chopped cilantro and green chilies. Add chicken and cheese and mix well.

Work with 2-3 tortillas at a time, warming them up in the microwave for 20-30 seconds in a damp paper towel. spoon 2-3 tbs of mixture into center of tortilla keeping away from the ends, roll as tight as you can, place the taquitos seam down on the baking sheet making sure they are not touching each other. Once all taquitos are on the pan lightly spray with cooking spray or oil mister and sprinkle a little kosher salt on them.

Bake 15-20 minutes until crisp and ends begin to brown.


Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mystery is Dead

Warning: this is a post about bathroom topics.

Before Freddie and I got married I was beyond shy about gross things. I would NOT go to the bathroom at his place. ever. Farting? Out of the question. Nor did he really do it in front of me (I wish I could say those words now instead of the phrase that comes out of my mouth daily which is "SERIOUSLY? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you hate me or something?")

Toward the end of our engagement we were together more and more, and I still wouldn't go but I had to get over my fear. Upon using the bathroom, I'd turn on the sink and even sometimes the tub so no one could hear any kind of bathroom noise.
so then we get married.

everything changed. I don't know what happened and I hadn't really realized it until...I learned some fun facts about my new friends.

One of my friends, we'll call her Andy, has been married for over five years. In those five years, she has never once farted in front of her husband. Not once. It's okay if you gasp. I did.

During the conversation where this is being revealed, I'm also told that one of our other friends ONLY poops if her husband is NOT home. If he's home, she won't do it. She'll hold it for days if she has to.

Say what!?

I am officially the grossest person in the world - and pray I'm not alone.

Is it wrong if I get a little satisfaction at grossing Fred out a bit? I mean really. So what if maybe I've done those things and maybe with the door open?

After 2.5 years of gagging - I think I'm justified.

**I'm not completely disgusting - it's not like I have boy bodily functions or anything so don't judge too harshly. kthx.

Feel free to confess to something gross so I know I'm not alone!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One day...

while I was gone I was talking to Fred on the phone. He was in a hurry because he was trying to pack, clean, and finish homework for school before heading up to Utah [to be reunited with his beautiful wife who he'd realized he couldn't possible live without another second...too far?]

So me on the other end, eating her 115th peanut butter bar ($%#@ deliciousness) got a little excited over the words 'cleaning'. In my head I thought, 'YESSS he finally gets it!! He's going to have the house clean so when I get back I don't stress!'

This is where someone, anyone, should have punched me. then laughed in my face over the possible idea of Fred cleaning the entire house. But no one did.

when he finally got to Utah, someone made a comment about him cleaning the whole house and how they were impressed. He quickly explained that he accidentally left some clothes on the couch - because he was in such a rush trying to do laundry and pack.

Well, fast forward a few days to when we get home. 'Clean the House' must have meant cleaned up after myself...a little. Because he literally didn't clean anything. Anything I'd left out was still out and some clothes on the couch? No. All his clothes were there. sigh.

How does one train a man?

and next time - someone please punch me at any sign of belief.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just in case...

If you need present ideas for a certain gal turning the big 2-5 tomorrow...

I have it under good authority that she'd love:

  • Some black glitter Toms. If you found these for her she would love you forever and ever.

  • a comfy skirt like this one in any/all colors

  • A hand stamped necklace with something thoughtful, cute, or non-lame written on it - with a charm or gem of course.

  • Sure Cuts A lot so she could actually use her amazing cricut for super cute projects...maybe even a project for you

  • This cute top (and maybe even some cupcakes along with)

  • Those are just a few ideas...just in case you need some.