Friday, April 25, 2008


So I just went to Wendys to grab some lunch. I got the oh-so-delicious Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.
I got back to work and as I began to open the packaging I thought, " can't really be this small?" It was. It was TINY!
What ever happened to the 99 cent VALUE menu? I remember this burger was way bigger back in the day. What is wrong with America?
**the pictures don't do it justice. It was literally gone in about 4 bites.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here are some more random pictures from our trip:

Party Time!

After the wedding we drove to Phoenix for the reception where both the boys were in the line.
Because Kelly's family isn't LDS, the couple chose to do a ring ceremony which was to her family the wedding.

The wedding was at the Wrigley Mansion (the creater of the gum). It was an amazing house. The views were incredible.

During the ceremony, as soon as Kelly appeared at the top of this huge staircase the entire audience broke into sobs. She was gorgeous.

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail reception where we took complete advantage of the open bar! That's right...we drank lemonades to our hearts content all ten of us that were sober!

The formal reception was amazing. If I had their budget and could do my wedding over it would be exactly like this one.

Wedding Bliss

Like I said below, our excuse for running away to California was a wedding. Tadd and Kelly got married in the San Diego Temple. This temple is amazing! I wish we would have done a session to see more of it.

They met and dated in Phoenix but decided to get married in San Diego because when Kelly was a little girl, the temple was being built. Her family, who are not members, would drive passed and her dad would joke about that being their new house because they were unaware of what the building actually was. Kelly would always tell him no, that where I'm going to get married some day. So when Kelly was baptized and learned what the temple was she decided that some day she really would get married there.

Here are some pictures:

Cali Baby!

We are lucky enough to have friends who get married in cool places. This last week we were able to go on vacation to sunny San Diego for another wedding.

The weather was gorgeous, my legs were tan, and we were able to pack for both of us in one bag!

Check out Fred's short hot!

This was Fred's first time seeing the ocean (that he can recall anyway). He was so funny to watch walking around the beach picking up sea shells and putting them in his pockets like he was a kid or something.

We met up with another mission buddy and his family while we were there. It was really fun.

While there we also went to a Padres game. This was my first Major league baseball game. It was really cool. We bought $10 tickets and then when we got lost, an attendent stopped us and told us to hang out for just a minute. We waited and the Director of Corporate Affairs came to talk to us and he put us down in the 34th row in the bottom section. It was awesome!

We want to go back really soon and do some more playin' in the ocean and maybe even attempt to surf!

Mr. & Mrs. Cope

McKell and Joseph's big day was gorgeous! They got married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple.
This was my first temple wedding I've attended since getting married myself. It was really amazing. I was all tears.
McKell and Joseph are so great together. The entire day you just had to smile when you looked at them because they are so happy and completely in love.
I'm so happy for the two of them. I can't believe my little Kell is all grown up and married.

Here are a few pics of the big day:

Please notice Natalie's creepy ghost hand in this one...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ninja Turtles Puddin' Pies

I remember eating these as a kid but no one from my childhood remembers the same thing. What was I stashing them in the freeze and eating them all alone or something? Does anyone else remember eating these? I really really wish they still made them because they were sooo yummy.
They had a green crust and yummy vanilla pudding inside. I remember my mom use to buy all different kinds of the Hostess pies and freeze them. This one was my favorite kind. Especially frozen.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

We know that every year it's very difficult to decide what to get us for our birthdays. Since both of our birthdays are in July we thought that this year we'd give you ample time to prepare and purchase the perfects gifts for your favorite poor newlywed children.

You see we've been thinking about how we could make our parents lives easier. But how? We are no longer able to do acts of kindness around the house, sometimes emails and calls just don't cut it. Then Fred came up with a brillant idea. What makes our parents happier then making us happy? NOTHING right??

So FOR YOU we've decided to give you heads up on our birthdays, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Mother Goose and other random gifts of kindness you're planning by providing you with a couple of ideas:

1. Dirt Bikes

Fred isn't picky as long as it's at least a 400

but Chana wants to know if they come in pink...or teal?

2. Bikes
Because of the rise of the cost of gas, we've decided to ride our bikes to work this summer. We're hoping to not only help the environment and our pocket books but also loose this marriage weight.

This is Chana's Dream Bike...Pink? Weird. She'll gladly except: pink, blue, or teal

So thank you in advance for our wonderful gifts. We love you.


Fred and Chana

Oh and this is addressing both sets of parents...

Note: if anyone is selling any of the above for super cheap please let us (or our parents!) know!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nothing to Blog about...

I have nothing to blog about but I'm a little sick of seeing the April Fool's joke (I still feel bad). So I thought I would tell everyone how excited I am for the next couple of weeks.
This next week is bound to be a crazy one. I have a product launch campaign at work, all the other stuff that has to be completed there, a tan to build, a house to clean, a husband to tend to (a huge job if you know my husband) and the best part of all is...get ready for our trips!

This weekend McKell and Joseph are getting married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple. I am so excited. This will be the first temple wedding that I have been to since going through myself. I'm so happy for those two. This past weekend while I was home in Utah County we ran into them at Cafe Rio. Just watching the two of them would make you happy. They are perfect for each other.

When we get back to Logan we have two days of "work" before we leave for San Diego/Phoenix for another wedding. One of Fred's best friends and old mission buddies is getting married in the San Diego Temple (another temple we're both really excited to attend). The couple is actually from Phoenix so we'll be driving there for the reception and other wedding festivities. Note: Fred and Tadd (the Groom) decided that we would just drive back with them the day after the awkward? Luckily another mission buddy is going that lives in Phoenix as well so we'll be driving back with them instead. Thankfully.

I'm pretty excited. This is the first real trip we've been on since we got married. This will also be the first time my 27-year old husband sees/plays in the ocean. So be ready for some good stories and great pictures!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy April Fools Day!

I'm Sorry! We couldn't think of anything good and this was all that came to mind!
I'm not pregnant. Nope.
Sorry everyone who really believed it! It was a mean joke. We are sorry.

I hope you'll forgive us!

Come on we aren't so rude that we wouldn't call you all. Or heck at least text!

Love us?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And a baby makes three!

Well everybody we're happy to announce that on November 12th we'll be adding to our family.
Yep...we're having a BABY!

We're a little shocked because this wasn't exactly planned but we're really excited too. I'm about 8-ish weeks pregnant. How weird. We're not old enough for this!

Sorry we didn't tell anyone this weekend. We wanted to wait until we had the ultrasound because the nurse messed up saving the ultrasound so we didn't get it for a couple weeks because the lady was crazy and lost it. Awesome. Sorry about the lies.

I thought Syd was on to me though because she kept asking what's new? She asked like three times and I had to keep changing the subject.

Meet our peanut