Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Road Trip!

In continuing in the wedding festivities, Fred and I headed out to Arkansas this past week. We rented an SUV (so we could bring back some of Fred's crap--as if there was room!) and headed out for the glorious 24 hour drive.

The drive only took us 19 hours which was so awesome to us! We didn't leave Salt Lake until 9pm and we arrived in Van Buren Arkansas around 4pm.
In order to make it through this journey we took the essentials: Harry Potter on CD, pillows and blankets, and snacks. (But only the healthy stuff except for the nibs that I smuggled into the shopping cart)
We were completely absorbed in Harry Potter. Well...I fell asleep but that's what kept Fred awake through our overnight drive.

We had so much fun in Arkansas! Fred and his parents showed me some of the historical sites such as the gallows-- where lots of people used to hang. It was pretty cool--and haunted.

Our reception was held in Alma at his old Bishop's giant house. It was outside by their large pool that over looked a million acres of forest. It was beautiful!
It was fun to put back on my wedding dress and do all the wedding stuff again. I was also able to meet a bunch of Fred's high school friends.

I am so lucky to have married into such a great family! They are so much like mine that it's scary! My Mother-in-Law was so great and planned this entire thing herself. My Father-in-Law spent many hours repairing pool area lights and working on the electrical side of things.

We loved Arkansas. It's beautiful and it's cheap. So who knows maybe some day we'll end up there.

It was so hard to leave. Our 2:00 departure quickly turned into an 8:00 one. We almost finished all of Harry potter so now we've resorted to listening to it before bed.

On our way home we stopped by in Moab to see my brother and his family. We were hoping that Jen had gone into labor and delivered their baby right as we got there but we had no such luck. We did get to go to lunch with them and my adorable neice Addison. (Jason was really sad we forgot our cameras so we couldn't blog about our experience!) He's a dork but you've got to love him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

FHE-the dresser that love built

For FHE Monday Fred and I put together our dressers we purchased at IKEA this past weekend.

IKEA is our new favorite store. If you haven't been there get there but plan for at least 2-3 hours once inside. We go crazy in there! With such low prices you can actually afford stuff!
When we began with our project, my first thought was 'oh good, my husband is super handy therefore he'll whip these out and I can sit and watch some good tv. awesome!' I was completely wrong. Fred is very much a team player. So we built them together.
It was actually more fun than I thought it would be--and easier!

It took us two hours to put two dressers together. We did things backward a couple times but were able to repair all mistakes. Unfortunately you could tell that by the second one we were both getting tired, so Fred's dresser wasn't put together with quite as much TLC as mine was.
We love them! Plus it's so nice to actually be able to put clothes somewhere! Fred is excited because I've been telling him that as soon as I got a dresser I would be able to put all my clothes away.

Now that we have them up and I've started putting clothes away--I have found tons of clothes that I don't wear and ones that I've had to ask myself if I'll ever wear that skirt I bought in New York in 2003 again. the answer was probably not. so off it went. (TV is such a great learning tool! I learned this one from Clean Sweap)
Fred will be happy to know that in an answer to his plea--I gave a huge bag of clothes to my little sister. Whether or not you can actually tell is another question.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sales people lie

I am so frustrated! Fred and I recently bought a new mattress. We picked one out and then I went back to buy it (this is in August). When Erin and I went back to purchase it, we got snatched up by a not very nice salesman. Not only was our mattress not in but it wouldn't be until September. The guy was such a jerk that he wouldn't sell us the model, or give us a break in anyway. But because it was during a sale and I felt major pressure-- I went ahead a bought it. The guy reassured me that I had 14 days from when I received my mattress in which to bring it back and then after that I had 30 days to make an exchange.

We got home and Erin and I complained about how rude this guy was. How he talked to us as if he didn't need to respect us or our money because we both are much younger and therefore stupid. I soon forgot about how angry I was.

At least until he called to tell me my mattress was in. He called and said that he needed a decision right that second as to whether we wanted to pick it up in salt lake or provo. I told him I would have to call my fiancee because he would be the one picking it up, and I would call him right back. The jerk told me that was impossible because he absolutely had to put in the order right then. I put my foot down and told him that would be impossible and I'd have to call him back.

I was so angry that after conversing with my parents I called his manager and got angry. Luckily the manager was a nice guy who gave us a frame for the trouble (something the butthead refused to do). I decided to get the delivery.

Last Monday our bed was delivered. Its big and beautiful and too soft. So now we have to return it because we end up on top of each other in the middle (which isn't a good thing all the time).

I called today to talk to customer service. They transferred me to the lame-o who said I had to talk to them but he couldn't transfer me so I'd have to call back. So I called back. I told the girl that I needed to return it and that my sales guy told me to call them. She then puts me on hold for five minutes transferring me back to the sales guy. ANGER! He once again tells me that I need to call back and tell them that he told me to talk to them--things I'd already said but whatever.

So on phone call #3 the girl finally talks to me. She tells me that everything that my sales guy told me about having 14 days for a return and 30 to exchange are totally wrong. I have to KEEP the bed for 30 days and then I have up to 90 days to exchange it. But I can't have my money back and I can't exchange it before that. How gay is that! We KNOW we don't want this bed so why can't we exchange it now so we can actually sleep at night?? Anger. RC Willey angers me.