Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I love shirts like these:

I have a couple that I think look cute. However, everytime I wear them I get this response from my husband, "Arrr that's an UGLY shirt" or "Did the pirate store have a sale?" or the classic "where's your parrot and hook?"

His enthusiasm was fueled when I got back from Chicago a while back and we went to my parents house. My brother said, "what did you go to the pirate store in Chicago?"

These comments made me laugh on the outside but frown on the inside. but I'm still wearing the shirts. I only packed one of my "pirate shirts" for our month here though - only because Fred said he'd throw the other one away...and he didn't know about the one I brought. Until I wore it and was looking fab and he came in and said, 'Arr matey you're wearing an ugly shirt'.

So then later I tell him that really he should just be telling me I'm beautiful - like all the time. Even when I haven't showered for days, have boogers in my nose, and I look like death. He laughs and says, "yeah...but your boobs are already sooo big that when you wear a shirt with 'fluff' on the front it only makes them BIGGER" (making a giant boob motion with his hand).

Mmmhmm. So the truth comes out.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I would feel bad if I didn't do a thankful here ya go. Here is just a taste of what I'm thankful for:
  1. my 'manly man' husband. I kind of like this guy - he's an avid golfer but can install, build, fix, or inspect just about anything.
  2. having to only wear one contact. This saves me approx. $100 a year, seconds a day, and yet I can still see.
  3. online television. Since we disconnected our cable - this has been our way to still keep up with the shows we're addicted to...but for FREE!
  4. craigslist. while it isn't as good as KSL - the ads are helping me find our new home (which we will be moving into next week...after we find it...anyone want to come help?)
  5. friends. all of them. even the ones I haven't talked to in years yet still consider to be some of my besties. Miss you...lets catch up. on facebook.
  6. white cheese dip at Fiesta Mexicana. I only have a few more days to enjoy your amazingness. let's not waste it.
  7. blogging. It gives me an outlet.
  8. online shopping. because buying stuff and shipping it to work to then sneak in my closet at home is what its all about.
  9. games. we've played a lot of games recently. in one game my trash-talking 12-year old nephew said, "shouldn't you know how to play that game? you're from Utah. Don't they have family game night there?" to which I said, "no that would be called family home evening and it's a church-wide thing. Not just Utah."
  10. Jello salads. Fred's WHOLE family was hestitant to try my jello salad. "isn't it a dessert?" no. it's a salad. scoop it. eat it. love it. By the end there wasn't any left. AND there were even comments like, "wow this is really really good" (one of those really's might not have happened)

Hope you all had a super fantastic Turkey Day! I know I did!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I promised I wouldn't...

But I did. I saw New Moon during it's first 24 hours of being released. I promised myself last year that I would never see the Twilight movies in the theater unless it was the dollar theater. Well. I failed myself. And i might have even suggested that our group where vampire fangs (which unfortunately we couldn't find).

Here are my thoughts:
  • Jacob made the movie. Correction. Jacob after the transformation made the movie. Oooh I just got chills. again. When we finally move in somewhere - this picture will be found on our fridge, mirrors, closets, and in Fred's car. Ya know - just in case inspiration is needed.
  • I think Edward is Gayward. He doesn't make eye contact, he has PMS, he's gross with his shirt off, and did I mention he talks to Bella like he's blind (making eye contact with her chin or earlobe instead of her eyes)
  • Diehard fans are funny to listen to and to watch. Especially the 50 somethings in their tight Edward shirts. One lady we referred to as "the Madonna Lady" talked to the entire audience as though we were watching it at her house. Awkward.
  • Good work to the Director who had Edward's entrance in the movie begin as a slow-mo, wind blowing walk toward Bella. It got tons of screens and gasps and peeing of pants.
  • Jasper is one ugly, ugly dude with that wig and his pained expression. I now feel bad for the time I told one of our friends that he looked like Jasper. Sorry. I didn't mean it as an insult but was.
  • I spent a lot of the movie with my face in a 'seriouslythisisgoodbutborderlinegayareyoukiddingme?' but at the same time was thinking, 'thatJacobishotdoesthismakemeacougarorapedofile?'
  • Americans are really fat. We sat in line in front of a ginormous family. It was sad to see the 10 year old that weighed over 150lbs scarfing a hot dog, popcorn, and soda. You'd think it'd be enough to scare off the ice cream I ate every. single. day. this weekend. It wasn't.

  • Love Love Loved the ending. I think I was one that yelped or screamed when it just ended.

  • all in all I really liked it. I might actually have to see it again in the near future.

What'd you think?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Every day...

I check craigslist for new housing listings. Every day I panic just a little bit that we don't know where we're going to live, that we have to move in by a certain date, that I can't take more time off, and that life is more expensive there. Every day I hope to see a listing for the most amazing apartment/condo for a crazy good deal. Every day I log off disappointed.
Every day Fred tells me not to panic. That there isn't anything we can do from here so we'll figure it out when we get there. Every day he's right (about this...). Every day he can take me from break-out-stress-city to calm-and-carry-on status.
Just another reason I love him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sports Fanatic

Lets get something straight. I don't HATE sports, as I heard my husband tell one of our friends the other day. I don't. I just don't have the attention span to watch them especially on TV. No thanks - I'd rather be slapped by a spoon.

As for live games, I like live athletic events - at least for awhile. I have a major case of Athletic A.D.D. I care more about watching the crowd then the game. I start playing games such as: 'real or fake', 'husband or brother', 'wife or mistress', 'ooh look at _____', or the classic 'don't look now but...'

So really you could say I'm a huge fan of sports. As long as I can see a crowd and you don't mind me saying 'oooh ooh look at that!!' every few minutes.

Am I alone? Who else plays these games?


Fred will make an amazing dad. I love seeing him with kids. Our kids will be pretty lucky.
This little man just loves him (but hates me).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working from Home (er...the Inlaws)

Last week was insane. This week begins our month at the inlaws and my first REAL week of working from home.

Why a month you ask?

Well, my job was nice enough to let me work remotely and since Fred didn't have a job just yet we decided to come spend some quality time with his fam while we could (cough - and not pay rent - cough). So here we are.

Right - smack - dab - in the dirty dirty.

Here it is at the end of the day and what is my assessment of working from home?? eee. Well. it's more productive - probably because it's boring.

(insert that noise that the movies have - like a ripping or eeerrrk)

The above was written on Monday. See below for an update.

Day 3: must have someone to entertain me. please. an 18-month old that doesn't like me yet doesn't count.

I got a package today from work (I nearly skipped to the door and hugged the delivery man) inside was stuff for a project and a surprise my coworker sent. Yep. it's a flask. Perfect for that moonshine (disclaimer: no I won't actually be using it. well maybe I'll try water in there. that could be fun).

I'm still getting all my stuff done BUT I'm bored to tears. I have to take walks to the end of the hallway and back. Or take pictures of myself which leads to thoughts like, 'oh. my. I think I've let myself go.' or 'people are going to think that all you wear is a Gap sweat shirt - wait. is it?' or even 'I bet Fred tells me I'm gay for taking pictures of myself and then posting them online. too bad soo sad. He's stuck with me.'

The perks of working from home?

Please reference the pictures again. yep. I'm still in my PJs and I can bust a move in the kitchen without anyone seeing me.

Still I'm bored. Help!!

Pictures would suggest...

that I often look as though I have a droopy eye. hmm. when did this happen?
Remember the incident? I definitely look a little like the hunchback (because of the eye...not the posture)

Well yesterday we took some Wald family photos (images to come...hint Christina) and once again I questioned that I might indeed have a droopy eye. Sheesh.

Maybe instead of getting sagging skin - my eyes will get saggy. Won't I be a treat for the eyes in a few years!

pictures would also suggest that I have gained some weight. hmm. that won't do either. Anyone know how to get a stress fracture to heal? Mine is back from the Ragnar...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Move

Well we were in Arizona for about 3 days -
day one was spent unloading our uhaul and reloading it into the exact same trailer type thing (what they call a storage unit) in the 95 degree weather.

day two - we searched for housing. Narrowed our search to our top three and now we can't decide. So looks like we'll just wait until we get back to Arizona. (but for those of you in Logan - we're paying double what we paid there. how awesome is that...yeah).
day three - we headed to St. Louis for Johnathan and Grace's sealing and the beginnings of our month with Fred's family.
However, while we were in Arizona I loved it. I can't wait to get back and settle in.
Thanks Ashley & Tyler and Kecia & Brian for letting us stay at your houses!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Are we in Utah? Arizona? Missouri? Arkansas?

We're in one of these states although, I'm not sure we know where we are right now!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Journey

Well we've left Logan. It was really sad for me and I might have teared up a little. Huge thanks to our friends you came to help haul, clean, and shove boxes into vehicles. Good news - somehow we got it all to fit.

We drove down to my parents house where we stayed until Sunday morning so we could do some last minute family time, hangouts, and Utah errands.

Then we left bright and early Sunday morning to head to Pheonix. The drive took us two extra hours with the giant truck and it was a freaking beast to fill up. The greatest victory was the 60 miles of downhill coming out of Flagstaff - that's 60 miles that kept the truck on Full - woot!

But we're here now and its perfect. literally...