Thursday, November 26, 2009


I would feel bad if I didn't do a thankful here ya go. Here is just a taste of what I'm thankful for:
  1. my 'manly man' husband. I kind of like this guy - he's an avid golfer but can install, build, fix, or inspect just about anything.
  2. having to only wear one contact. This saves me approx. $100 a year, seconds a day, and yet I can still see.
  3. online television. Since we disconnected our cable - this has been our way to still keep up with the shows we're addicted to...but for FREE!
  4. craigslist. while it isn't as good as KSL - the ads are helping me find our new home (which we will be moving into next week...after we find it...anyone want to come help?)
  5. friends. all of them. even the ones I haven't talked to in years yet still consider to be some of my besties. Miss you...lets catch up. on facebook.
  6. white cheese dip at Fiesta Mexicana. I only have a few more days to enjoy your amazingness. let's not waste it.
  7. blogging. It gives me an outlet.
  8. online shopping. because buying stuff and shipping it to work to then sneak in my closet at home is what its all about.
  9. games. we've played a lot of games recently. in one game my trash-talking 12-year old nephew said, "shouldn't you know how to play that game? you're from Utah. Don't they have family game night there?" to which I said, "no that would be called family home evening and it's a church-wide thing. Not just Utah."
  10. Jello salads. Fred's WHOLE family was hestitant to try my jello salad. "isn't it a dessert?" no. it's a salad. scoop it. eat it. love it. By the end there wasn't any left. AND there were even comments like, "wow this is really really good" (one of those really's might not have happened)

Hope you all had a super fantastic Turkey Day! I know I did!

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thetaylors said...

Is this the same Fiesta Mexicana that we have in Moab? Am I missing out on something?