Thursday, February 25, 2010

Picture Tag

My blog friend Caro tagged me to do a photo tag - how could I not participate?

Here are the rules:

1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

My picture:

This picture was taken in April of 2008. We were at a Padres game in San Diego with our friends Emily and Darrin and Tadd and Kelly. We were in San Diego to attend part 1 of Tadd and Kelly's wedding celebration (one of the most amazing weddings I've ever been to btw).

That trip was fred's 1st time seeing the ocean (to his memory), first time to San Diego for both of us, and ended in arizona. This is still one of my favorite trips because of the friendships I made with Fred's friends.

**I really like this picture. We look hot.

I tag:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

little letters

dear weekend:
hurry and get here.
Your arrival means the arrival of my sister, shopping,
and enjoying your blissful sunshine.
Are you here yet?

dear Jake:
don't pick Vienna because she has horse teeth and she's annoying.
Tenley's the girl for you - even if she is awkward
when she talks about you appreciating her dance moves
and talks about her divorce too much.
Oh and don't dance like you did with Gia on national TV.
It's embarrassing and she probably watched it last night
and was glad she went home
because of your awkward moves.

dear legs:
Good work on getting back into running.
We'll be ready for Ragnar come June
and I promise I won't skimp on the training this year.
AND I'll buy insoles
so your friend the foot doesn't freak out again.

dear DisneyLand:
Did you know you're only 6 hours from me?
I think a weekend trip is necessary.
We will see you this year. Soon I hope.

dear Accutane:
It's our final month together.
Let's make it count
but in 30 days I will be kicking you to the curb
and working toward a normal colored face again
(and a tan)
minus the 14-year old break outs.

dear AZ weather:
You're gorgeous. I love you.
Please take your time to hit summer temps.

dear MAC make-up:
I added you up the other day
and realized I've spent a small fortune on you.
20 eye shadows? really Chana?
I guess I'm addicted to your amazingness.
Grand total will not be listed. due to husband's reading abilities.

dear Mom and Dad Wald:
I need some more lemonade.
Please come over and make some - but this time stay longer
and come when we can actually play
so that you're trip to AZ can be redeemed.
Last week was not fun for you. We feel bad.

dear readers:
I love each and every one of you.
Thanks for coming by - please comment
and leave your blog address because
I'd love to read your blog too.

Dear payday:
please come more often and feel free to increase.
We like you and spend you before you even
have a chance to warm up the account.
We'll be better. But only if you bring your friends.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 years ago...

I went on my first date with this boy. He was fun, hot, took me to dinner, and was the first boy that I was myself with from the beginning. What I thought would be "fun" until graduation turned into time and all eternity. I'm so glad.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Discussion Item

**Disclaimer: this post does not mean I am preggers. It is not meant to offend anyone - just to gain clarification. I want to hear your opinion so please share it!

Ever since I was about 12 I would pick my favorite boy and girl names for the kids I would someday have. I would then pair them with my current crush's last name to make sure they went together. I know I wasn't the only one who did this...admit did too.

So now that I'm an adult (a term used loosely), I talk about baby names all the time - not for me but for my friends who are having babies. A topic we keep talking about is "calling a name".
What are your thoughts? Can you justify being mad about someone stealing you future baby's name?

Because these are mine:

I "know" the names I want to use but they aren't by any means mine. I don't think its fair to call a name - because really - does it matter?

Say I love the name...Madison (a name I will in fact be using someday), and one of my besties knows I love the name but then chooses to use it - I wouldn't be mad. Sure - it's my name and I would want people to know that I hadn't copied her - but really - as close as me and the friend may or may not be it isn't a big deal. Our kids won't have the same last name, go to the same schools, or be in the same ward most likely so why does it matter?
Sure when we get together it might be a little weird having two Madison's around but that's it.
Oh and don't worry because there are more than a million Madison's in the world so why does it matter?

I have a couple of friends that have gone through situations like this where someone starts a fight of the name of the unborn - in one case over the name she someday wanted to use as she was not preggers at the time of the fight.
And I just don't get it.

What's the big deal? What do you think?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I did this

We all know my eyebrows struggle with being waxed - didn't know this fun fact? See here.

So being Mrs. Bushibrows something had to be done. Plucking was out of the question (which is why my brows were nastipants).

So this is what I did

It was uncomfortable but so much better than waxing! I'm officially done with waxing.
**they also do full facial threading so for those who like other things waxed try threading - it'll last longer, and your hair won't come in thicker!

Try your mall or check around for threading salons

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crafty Pants

Hi. I'm Chana and I'm attempting to be super-cute-crafty-pants in order to find a hobby...

Here are some of my recent projects:


all purchased at goodwill for less than $12 - removed the ugly artwork and spray painted.

Burp cloths

I won't lie - I think these are pretty stinking cute.
Just don't look too close at the stitching - straight lines are harder than I thought!!

vinyl lettering signs

up next:

more vinyl lettering (after I save my pennies to get the program I need)
finish my photo collage in the living room
probably more burp cloths
attempting headbands

Want to come craft??