Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The March of Dimes & Freddie

Immediately after Freddie passed away, I knew I wanted to get involved with the March of Dimes. I didn't know whether we'd be in Utah or Arizona - but it didn't matter. This cause was something that we needed to be a part of.

When we arrived at the NICU at St. Joseph's in Pheonix, the first person to talk to us about what we were going through, what we could expect, and what resources we had available was a representative from the March of Dimes.

It's because of the March of Dimes and the research and technology they fund and develop, that we were able to spend a week with our little boy. While we obviously wish our story had a different ending, we're lucky to have even had those days. We think that every parent should get to spend as much time as possible with their babies. We hope that the money we raise through the March of Dimes gives more babies the chance to be born healthy and more NICU babies the medicine and technology they need to survive.

Freddie was one of over a million babies born too soon. Use the links below to read our story.

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