Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did You Know??

Did you know that you can google things on your phone?? Without the internet?

All you do is text google (466453) and get whatever you need. It's free (well depending on you text plan). Go ahead get addresses, phone numbers, movie times, and more!

Another cool text trick is Cha Cha. Not the dance. Text 242 242 and you can get any question answered. For example: Who was kicked off SYTYCD last night? How many calories do you have to burn to lose a pound? Is there an H&M near my hotel in LA?

It's awesome! They have some data base that they can answer just about any question and again it's free!! Woot!

So try them out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A world of scamming

Fred and I are obsessed with KSL. We love it. We literally look at it every day...multiple times a day. It's addicting.

After our puppy parenthood tryout, we've (more me than anything) decided we want a puppy. A Yorkie. So everyday I look at KSL. Everyday I search. call. email. you name it and I'm looking.

I've noticed in my search, that a lot of people with ads are full on scammers. Completely and totally blatently scamming.
  • I just got an email for a Dr. Mole. His ad talks about his two yorkies goes into great detail and he only wanted $400. Screaming deal right?? Nope. Scam. I emailed her because her number went to a voicemail service. I just got the email back. HE told me that his wife recently died and as a doctor he is so busy that he cannot take care of both of the dogs. He just transferred to Niageria where he is working at an AIDS hospital. He took the dogs with him but he doesn't think they can handle the heat. So he's just asking for the shipping costs of getting to a great home...because "God must have directed my soul to him". riiight. Why would you put your recently deceased wife's name on the ad?? Sorry I don't trust people from Niageria.

  • On all KSL ads the seller lists a location. All of the ones are in Utah or Idaho, however their numbers are not. I've googled many numbers to find that they don't exist for they are a land line some where outside of Utah. No where in the ad does it mention that they will ship you the ad if you'll provide them with your full name, address, phone, etc. Seriously? I've ran into more than five of these ads. sketchy...sketchy...sketchy

  • I had one scammer so much as g chat with me today trying to convince me to adopt her poor little puppies who cannot live in her apartment because her landlord has forbidden it. I asked who the pet delivery service was. She gave me the website. I don't trust it. They spelled secure server as secured sever. red flag number one. Next on the credit card page instead of having it supported by Verisign or another online transaction agency they had you type in what travel info was needed to make it seem legit and then type your name, credit card number, date card was created, billing address, expiration date and the verification code in an email type message red flag two. When I told the lady that I didn't trust it and I should be able to choose one I trust since I'm the one paying for it she said she'd rather use this one because she'd used it before and knew it was safe. I told her I had no proof of that so she said exactly so lets try it. No thanks. I don't trust it or you. I asked her if she was going to send me a dead dog and she rambled on and on about how she loved the dogs and didn't want to give them up but had no choice. Here is a bit of our conversation.

mary: i understandand please donnot feel influenceddo make your right choiceand please make sure to think very well aswelli don't want the fact that i want the babies to go really quick influence you in your Decision ,OK ??

me: Please answer my question about the puppy and carrier

mary: i don't understand please

me: the puppy is a living breathing puppy right?

mary: what do you meanthey are alrigh

me: You aren't trying to ship me a dead puppy are you?

mary: you know we have looked around for a cheaper apartment around here just to change so that we can keep the puppies but to no avail we would have realy Loved to keep the puppy Sent at 9:54 AM on Tuesday

mary: if only we could find another cheaper apartment close to our Job site like this onelike we would have been more than Greatfull to GOD because we will get the opportunity to keep the babies

me: How do I know I won't get a DEAD puppy?

mary: do you think the Agency will ship a dead puppydo the puppies look like they are Dead ??

me: I have no idea. I just want to make sure I'm not getting some corpse of a dog or one that is so sickly that it's going to die.Sorry. I'm not trying to offend you. I'm just checking

mary: they won't ship a puppy without carying out all the neccesary Health Check ups

Please note that I knew I wasn't getting this puppy. I didn't trust her from the beginning but I wanted to see what she'd say to all my questions and observations.

So buyer beware out there! Don't worry we aren't getting any of these dogs. I'm not stupid like these people who claim they grew up in Utah but can't speak english very well. I just wanted to share my scammer experiences!

Note: KSL is amazing. Be internet savvy and you'll get a ton of great deals. We bought our coffee table and end tables, golf clubs, cell phone, etc on KSL so it really is amazing.

Motorboat Baby

My wonderful friend Mauri showed me this amazing game.

Warning: All friends and family could be subjected to this game at any given moment with or without warning and with no opportunity to say 'no', 'get away' or 'I'd rather not'. We do not take no for an answer. The quicker you motorboat in front of my camera the quicker I can laugh at at your face and move on to the next person...

It is the funniest game I have ever played.

Here are some of the highlights!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh the Dirty Dirty...

We've been in Branson for the past few days. It's been great. My in-laws LOVE Branson. They hold annual passes to Silver Dollar City and frequent this theme park almost every couple of weeks.

While in Branson, we took advantage of the outlets stores, the Target, and Lambert's Cafe (in nearby Springfield). Lambert's Cafe was soo good. I first saw this place on the Food Network. They did a spot light on this restaurant's unique style of dining. At Lambert's, people walk around the restaurant yelling 'Hot Roll' and you raise your hand and they throw it at you. They also walk around serving endless amounts of fried potatoes, fried okra, molasses, and you can get refills of anything on your plate. My in-laws had been there many a time but when they mentioned this restaurant and what they did there I immediately wanted to go because I knew what they were talking about! It was so fun and very yummy. If you ever find yourself in the dirty dirty stop on by!

I won't bore you with all the details of everyday. But I will leave you with some more highlights!

  • While at Silver Dollar City, we passed a man having a diabetic seizure. It was scary. I think he survived.

  • Why in the hell do hotels short sheet beds? Seriously? I don't think it would break the budget or the time clock to put sheets that actually fit ON the bed so that your guests don't experience waking up wrapped in a sheet and a mattress pad. it's sick. it's wrong. fix it

  • Another hotel annoyance: Why is hand soap not provided? Next time you're in a hotel notice that the soap next to the sink is FACE soap. Not hand soap. I noticed this at both hotels I've stayed at in the past two weeks

  • On the gorgeous drive back to Arkansas today, we passed a man outside his double wide, spraying down his oven with a hose. Let me repeat that. Outside...oven...hosed down...Sweet

  • We also passed a street named Jesus

  • and a dead Armadillo. The first one I'd ever seen. It was a carcass though so I don't think it counts completely

  • On the radio, I heard an ad for a carpet store ran by a "Christian family with high values that aren't payed on commission"

  • And the video store that was allowing new club members to erase all previous adult rental or as they called it, 'Couples Corner' late fees just "for signing up!"

  • I saw my first ever black widow spider at a Bass Pro Store. When we got back to the house in Arkansas, I was able to identify a black widow next to the door which lead to it's death by roach killer. Thank you Bass Pro
  • I also just heard a radio jingle for an adult novelty store. Oh my gosh. funny but dirty. I had my hand over my mouth the whole time

  • I'm not a BYU fan...but there is still something that burns inside of me when I see someone in an airport, distant state, or other random locations wearing BYU stuff and no it isn't the Spirit. It must be that Mormon pride. We saw lots of BYU wearing people at Silver Dollar City. Go Cougs!

    So enjoy the pics!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Freddie Poo!

Today is Fred's 28th birthday!

He is of course golfing this morning. We're heading to Branson tomorrow for more birthday celebrations including my amazing mother in-laws birthday.

We are in Arkansas right now hanging out with the family so watch for more pictures and stories.

Here are some previews:

-Yesterday our nephew Kourtland was baptized. My wonderful husband told him I I got enlisted to sing. I sang 'He Sent His Son' the primary song. I didn't practice until yesterday morning and lets just say the tune was way different in my head. Luckily it worked out. Woot. I performed for my first time in five years. It must have been successful because my other nephew Kadance asked if I was going to compete on American Idol. That's a no.

-My newest nephew Lukas was farting it up in Relief Society. I mean huge farts that silenced the room because you weren't sure who they came from.

-I rock at sing star. Any challengers?
- I love the South. LOVE IT. I love the crazy people...the Southern hospitality...the beautiful scenery...and my favorite element-the architecture.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bonjour ma petite

Tonight I had to go to a business dinner with a company that wants to partner with ours. I'm still learning about partnering so really this was just a free meal for me.

We went to a restuarant called The CellIar. It was great. It was really fancy. Like the kind of fancy that when they bring out your meal there is a silver cover over it. Wow. For a small town girl like myself this was all sorts of fancy-schmancy. I even showered and put on heels for such an occasion.

There is really no reason for this post except for that I was excited that I got to eat somewhere that cost over $30 for my entree and probably over $50 for my complete meal. Oh and I didn't have to pay a penny of it-that was the real reason I was so excited!

Cali Day 1

I'm in Anaheim! woot! Ayano picked me up from the airport. We shopped a little, which was really anticlimatic because I didn't buy anything.

When we finally made it to the hotel, we got settled and then walked to Downtown Disney for dinner. (Note: Tortilla Joes- Good but not great. Definitely more hype than anything)

In my hotel room, I have a big king sized bed...and a handicap shower. Why is it that my hotel rooms always have handicap showers. This one is better than the one in Tennessee but still!

Here is Ayano modeling the handy seat in the shower...just in case your legs get tired and you need to take a rest. I wonder how many bums have been on it?

And yes oh yes we couldn't stay at a hotel without these spectacular jumping pictures!!

It was so good to see Ayano. That first year was probably my favorite year of college. We have some of the funniest memories.
Some of my favorite memories are: CRAC 9 (that was our apartment's name, it stood for: Cyndy, Rachael, Ayano & Chana apartment #9), Bob the Bachelor t-shirts, Sunday dinners with McKell and Hilary, learning crude japenese phrases, all the boys and the drama, school activities, and many many more!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Imagine it's a postcard...

Hello from sunny California! Whaddya know…I’m out of town again!This time it just me flying solo, doing the big girl thing while one a business trip. I’m here to attend a conference where I will demonstrate our product. The conference isn’t until Wednesday so today I’m traveling and tomorrow I’m…working? Laying out? Shopping? Hmm. Who knows!

I’m excited to be in sunny Cali. I’m sad Fred isn’t here. While I’m in Anaheim I do however get to hang out with my first college roommate, Ayano. I’m so excited. I haven’t seen her in more than a year plus she’ll be heading back to Japan in August so this may be the last time I see her for awhile.

Be prepared for jumping pictures, tourist pictures and random stories and factoids!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a week!

This week has been one of the busiest weeks I've had while working at my job. Recently, I became the ONLY marketing person. This happened at a horrible time because July is one of our busiest months and I'm having to handle it all! It wouldn't be too bad except that I'll be out of the office for two weeks straight.

So this week is my crunch week. I have over 8 events I'm managing (trying to ship out, ship back, and sending event emails), a customer newsletter to get out, a campaign to start, tons and tons of data entry for various campaigns, and the list continues.

I'm not complaining because I really like my job these days. I just thought I'd share a picture of my desk and it's present condition.

Don't judge me...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Bliss

I'm now a wise 23 year old. Old right? I know. My birthday was pretty good. I can't complain too much.

The night before my birthday, we adopted a puppy. After 24 hours of puppy parenthood, we reluctantly found his "real" family and had to return him to them. Yeah yeah they were happy...but we were really sad.

On my birthday, I woke up to presents and then headed to work. After work, we headed to Moab. A 5 hour drive wasn't exactly my ideal birthday activity but after we got there things were great!

We had a ton of fun hanging out with my brother and his family. We're really lucky that we were able to all that we did! Thanks Jason & Jen!

All in all my birthday really wasn't too bad. Just a slight bump. Thanks everyone for all the birthday calls and messages! I really appreciate it!

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chana Days

Happy Chana Days everyone!! I hope that you're all enjoying this week! For those of you new to the tradition that is celebrated nationally, I'll give you a little background.

Way back when, I was born on this day. The president found out and whaddya know he officially named July 1-5 Chana Days. The nation celebrates with fireworks and parades every year. It's true. I know you've witnessed fireworks and/or parades around this time every year.

So sit back, enjoy those BBQ's and fireworks while thinking of me.
I also accept presents.