Thursday, May 29, 2008

A memorial getaway

For memorial day we went to see my sister Sydney in the booming metropolis of Mountain Home, Idaho. It was a really fun trip.

Here are some of the highlights:

-Fred got to go golfing (of course)
-Fred also found a $300 iron for $25 bucks...what a steal!
-Syd and I made cards for her card exchange (turns out I can be crafty)

-Watching the boys play in the rain. Easton loved it!
-Mint Brownies (recipe coming soon) -long boarding with Gibson

-Fred falling asleep in the massage chair at the store
-Going to the BX (Love those government discounts!)
-playing on the tramp with Gibson
-seeing the scary resemblence of Easton and my dad
-running 2.5 miles with my sister...didn't die woot!
-Just hanging out with family

We're excited that they are moving back to Utah finally so that we'll be able to see them more!

Meet Sunny

On Friday, my awesome husband surprised me with a cruiser!

Her name is Sunny. While she's freaking gorgeous, she'll be getting a white basket for her handle bars.

We went to a BBQ on Friday night down in Ogden. He'd been running errands down there all day so when I got there with Blake and Aubrei I noticed the cruiser in the garage and made a comment about how I wanted one. He had our friend play along like it was hers and she let me ride it. They eventually told me it was really mine but I didn't believe them.

But yep! She's mine!

Thanks honey for the great surprise! I love her!

Oh and she'll be my mode of transportation to work this summer. I'm stickin it to the man and his gas prices!

action shots to come!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I may or may not have ran over a 3 1/2 inch bolty thing while driving to the craft store with my friend Amber.

I had no idea until I got out of the car and heard a hissssing noise. I thought it was some kind of vent in the ground (duh Chana it was a dirt parking lot) but then I noticed the massive thing in my tire.
Luckily Amber was with me because I probably would have been in tears. We were lucky enough to catch the dude at Sam's club before they closed. They couldn't fix it because it punctured the side wall. So...whoopsie! Good thing we have road hazard!

Gullible Gullible Me

Okay I've been ordered to correct the post A Stinky Discovery.
The story is true. Blake TOLD me what happened.

Well it turns out that I'm gullable. I didn't get the real answer until after that was posted and I've kept forgetting to post the truth.

In reality, Andrew did not swallow Fred's 10lb ring. The ring was found in the depths of their lazy boy. Lame story.

I'll try to not be so gullible. Sorry to the believers out there. I didn't intentionally lead you on.
(that's what she said)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well hello Mr. Moos-tache

Check out Fred's new 'stache.

Happy Mustache May!
Sorry ladies...he's taken!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reasons I shouldn't go running

I'm trying really hard to be a runner. By "trying really hard" I mean running a couple of miles once or twice a week. Go-getter I know.

After realizing that my chubby-girl pooch has gone from a chubby-girl tuck to a fat-girl-push I've committed to start running every day (gasp). My sports expert husband tells me that if I run every day for even just a month I'll be able to loose what I want (basically from my shoulders to my knees...)

So it's 4:33, I'm "working" and I've brought my stuff so I can go to the gym to run my two miles before going home and getting sucked into the couch. Now that the time is growing excuse list is getting longer.

1. My toenail got ripped off opening a big box and I think it would be best if I gave it more time to heal before putting a sock and a running shoe on it...not to mention the added pressure of running! Ouch!

2. Dinner. My husband needs me to make him food. He's in unable to do anything domestic himself these days.

3. The Gossip Girl Finale is tonight. I need to prepare by finding things for Fred to do so I can kick him out while I watch it.

4. Maybe I could go on a walk later instead

5. My hair looks awesome today. I'm not sure I should ruin it.

6. I ran two miles on Saturday...should that count for something?

Here are the reasons I'm GOING:

1. All of last years capris and shorts are a little snug on my bum

2. re-read the chubby girl tuck part at the top

3. its summer which equals swimming which does not equal jiggly anything

4. Sydney has convinced me to run the 5K with her during art city days. She's expecting me to die on the side lines...I'll show her.

5. I want to get a pair of designer jeans from my new "job" (details about that to come) but I won't until I look freakin' hot

6. I want to be a runner dang it!

So I'm off to the freakin' gym.

Baby Lukas

Over the weekend, Fred's brother Johnathan and his girlfriend Grace welcomed baby Lukas into the world.
We wish they lived closer so we could see our little nephew!
We're so happy he is finally here and we can't wait to meet him! We love you guys!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Forget!

Don't forget the clothing swap tomorrow at 2:00pm!

Even if you don't have clothes to swap with-- come and dig through everyone elses!

email me if you want directions to my house!!

See you there!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Stinky Discovery

Fred has been missing his wedding ring for more than 3 months now.

His ring is made of tungsten so it's unbreakable, unscratchable and it's heavy. For these reasons he doesn't wear it to work (he does construction) in case of an accident because his finger would have to be removed before this ring because it can't be cut off. So instead he wears his CTR ring to work.

He got in the habit of leaving his wedding ring in our bathroom and then he'd put it on when he got out of the shower after work.

One day he realized that he wasn't wearing it, didn't know where it was and had no idea when the last time he wore. We've looked everywhere imaginable for this ring. Fred even cleaned out the nasty bathroom sink drain to look for it (it wasn't there...but my CTR ring was).

We've torn our house apart looking for it. I was just about to call our jewelry insurance to get them to replace it when I got a text this morning from our good friends and under neighbors Blake and Aubrei.They found his ring!! Where you might ask?
Well my answer came in a picture message but I'll spare the graphic image of their son's poopy diaper. Yep. Some how little Andrew swallowed it and after who knows how long finally got it out of his system.

We're so happy they found it! Even if it was a stinky discovery!

**We're also happy that no children were hurt in the recovery of this ring**

Lesson learned: When shopping for an expensive wedding ring for your fiancee--tell him no. He's only going to lose it. The $80 one will be just as cool looking as the $300 one.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Three's

My friend Davian tagged aren't you all so lucky!
This was actually kind of hard!

1. Being with Freddie
2. Being with our families - especially our neices and nephews!
3. Travelling

1. Being paralyzed. No joke it freaks me out to the point where if Fred pops my back wrong I get nervous.
2. Having children...YIKES!
3. Debt

1. Work at a major marketing company creating commercials and campaigns for companies such as: Coca Cola, ABC, IKEA, etc.
2. Learn how to decorate cakes like on Ace of Cakes
3. Move out of the state for awhile

1. I may or may not be obsessed with TV
2. I love searching and trying new recipes
3. My fingers HAVE to be moving. I love book corners to ruffle and pages to crease. This is probably my most annoying habit. That and biting the insides of my cheeks.

1. Different Textures freak me out. Literally. I can only wear certain G bottoms when I know my legs will touch because I can't handle the way the carinessa's rub together. Whenever they show the inside of the body on CSI shows I have to close my eyes because the webby texture makes me cringe. Fred always trys to rub our fingers together and I can feel his print ridges against mine and it makes me twitch and many many more situations.
2. I want to be on Good Things Utah (I'll replace Angie...or Marti) or be Kelly Ripa...either one.
3. I cry...all the time. If I travel alone and anything goes wrong...I bawl. Jim & Pam's love story...tears. Any type of confrontation...yep tears. I hate it.

I'm tagging...Emily, Abbey, & Cyndy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Babes Clothing Swap

That's right...we're going to do it!
On May 17th at 2:00pm we will be meeting at my apartment for the 1st annual (that's right...we're making it an annual thing) Babes Clothing Swap. We'll be digging through each others neglected belongings to find some new things to add to our own closets!

So girlies start going through your closets and gathering all the things you haven't worn in a long time! Be honest with yourself...if you haven't worn it this year, most likely you aren't going to wear it again!

Please bring whatever you think someone else may like including: clothes, shoes, swimming suits, accessories, purses, belts, etc.

All items unswaped will be donated to Somebody's Attic, a clothing store that donates all proceeds to the local women's shelter.

For more information and for my address if you don't know where I live email me at chanaltayloratgmaildotcom
(disclaimer: the picture is a googled image. No I don't own those ugly clothes!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunny St. George

This last weekend we ran away to St. George. We joined a couple of our best friends Amanda & Landon at their condo. We had so much fun going to the womens expo, golfing, swimming, hiking, long boarding, being warm, and hanging out with our friends.

I miss St. G so much. I went to school there for two years and it's completely different then what it was like when I was there.

I just wish I could convince Fred that we should live there forever.

Thursday, May 1, 2008