Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Week

Today marks our last Monday in Cache Valley. On the drive back from my parents it hit me a little - it was our last time driving to Cache Valley until...who knows when. I'll be back for work which is nice but possibly never again together and most likely we'll never call this place home again.

I won't get teary...I won't...until Friday
(post script: I forgot to post this yesterday - now its Tuesday and it snowed. a lot. I'm ready to move now.)
(post post script: We hung out with our friends for the last time tonight. We've decided to kidnap all of them and bring them to AZ with us. Anyone have tranquilizers?)

Chicago Part Dos

Waiting for the train

The Flags on Michigan Avenue

Mmm Ghirardellis!

Fall in Chicago is gorgeous...

Millennium Park Theater

I love the contrast in the trees and the leaves

The Bean

Chicago Clouds (my favorite picture)

I was more excited to see this than a Monet
And last but not least...

Chicago was really fun minus the rain. I also wish Freddie pants was there with me (it would have been even better). Oh and I wish it wouldn't have looked like I was dating my coworker. That was awkward.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Business Trippin'

This week I'm in Chicago with work. I'm at a killer marketing conference that makes my brain want to explode.

I got here on Tuesday night, so my coworker Dru and I headed out on the town for some pizza at the Original Uno's Pizza.

At Uno's you order your pizza first (because the pizza takes an hour to bake) and then we waited over an hour for a seat (they told us it'd be 35-45 minutes). Once inside - we waited another hour for our pizza.

This is my bored/feed me face. Good thing I downloaded the best app ever that let me take all these cool pictures!! (shake it photo)

We ordered too much pizza. Yet we still ate a lot of it - and it wasn't that great.

After pizza we walked around a bit and I snagged these great shots...

Almost looks like an LDS temple...but it isn't.

Be prepared for another post or two and you know what a business trip means...
something like this.
or this.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What Not to do...

While you're on Accutane - do not get your eyebrows waxed. More than eyebrows comes off...

Lets not talk about how my eyes look really droopy

Or super swollen.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I did it. I started packing.

On Saturday, I was goal driven and headed to the Uhaul store to get a few boxes then to get tape and bubbles, and then home to pack.

Here is what I accomplished:
  • entire office - boxed, vacuumed, emptied
  • DVD's - boxed
  • all picture frames - wrapped and boxed
  • Laundry
  • My Closet - boxed except for the essentials
There is still a lot more to do...

This week my goals are:
  • Laundry room (minus the essentials)
  • Garage
  • Guest Room (aka Fred's room)
Don't be too jealous.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So it begins

It's October 9. We move October 31st. 22 days away gasp.
Have we started packing? Nope. Well…I packed 2 boxes clearing the books off of our bookshelf in the office. Then I got bored.

I am hoping that the packing can begin this weekend. Like really begin. Whether or not I can convince the husband of this I'm not so sure.

Here are our hold backs and their translations

Here are his hold backs on packing:
-it's too soon. (we have weeks. We're fine)
-"I don't want boxes everywhere around the house" (and I'm not willing to walk them to the garage)
-but we still use everything (we don't really but it works as a reason right?)

Here are my hold backs:
-its too soon. I mean not really but kind of. (why do something today when you can do it tomorrow? Or in our case in 2 weeks?)
-I can't pack my clothes because I wear them (lets be honest. I wear 1/4 of my closet. But all those clothes I can't pack because I wear them. Plus who knows what will happen. I may need to wear one of the 500 shirts for an occasion such as: fill in the blank)
-packing alone is boring (it really is)
-this is going to require cleaning (gag)
-Fred doesn't want to and he's cute so I'll hang out with him

Please bless that we'll pack. Something.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let Me Win!

I really really really want to win this drawing from Fantabulously Frugal and Handbag Heaven.

I have a thing for purses...

PS. thinking about buying me a Christmas present? Handbag Heaven is a good place to start!! (just no animal print please)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Going to be Hard

At the end of the month one of the hardest things will be saying goodbye to our friends. We have some of the greatest friends here in Logan. Friends that accept us for who we are: the couple that doesn't shut up (we talk. a lot.), the girl with the super smelly husband, and the TMI couple (more the husbands fault).

We'll miss you guys and you'd better come visit

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Operation Empty

Because our moving schedule is a little well...stretched**...I'm trying to downsize everything. Including the contents of our cupboards.
For the next month as we prepare to move, I'm going to try to not purchase any new groceries minus the essentials and extra ingredients for meals (ig. bread, milk, eggs).
Since we aren't moving directly into a house we can't take any perishables. So...here comes a month of getting this:


Think I can do it??

**we move our stuff to AZ the first weekend of November but we aren't actually moving in anywhere until the end of November. We're flying South for some much needed family time.