Monday, June 30, 2008

Daily Highlights

So recently I've noticed something that brightens my day. This is something I see most days when I ride my bike to work. After I see it, I can't help but smile! What is it?

Grown men rollerblading. What is it about an adult man rollerblading that makes me laugh? I don't know but to the guy at my company who does it every day, please don't stop. I can tell your strides are getting better and so are those calves, oh and your making my day.
Also, the backwards hat, denim shorts and backpack add to the whole package. Never change.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Powell

Last weekend we went to lake powell with the folks. I heart powell. I heart the sun, the burns, the water, the hiking and the yummy food.

My parents have a house boat in Bullfrog. So we drove the glorious five hours to get there and played/relaxed the whole time.

We were there for 3 1/2 days and loved it! It was Fred's first time there and I just know he loved it because how could you not??

Here are some of the highlights:

*Fred losing his Smith sunglasses. Cliff jumping? nope. Jumping a mere 3 feet to splash erin.
*attempting to learn how to snorkle. Those breather things (aka snorkle) just freak me out.
*Scratching my face up while diving for my dad's lost pocket knife.
diving under the houseboat = Not a good idea.
*Learning that even though you are surrounded by water, immersed in water, and you don't feel as though your sweating... deodorant is necessary...oh and maybe some soap oh and using it could also help.
*watching my dad water ski
*hiking and at the top seeing someone set of illegal fireworks...gorgeous! God Bless them and their law breaking habits.
* sleeping under the gorgeous stars. Can someone tell me where the North star really is??

Here are some pics!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Art City Days!

This weekend we went back to Happy Valley for Springville's Art City Days. It's one of my favorite times of year. Not only are you able to take in the booths, the carni food, and the borderline deadly rides, but the carni folk come out of their caves to work, no to perform for the general public.

I was a tiny bit disappointed with the number of that were carni's out and about. There weren't many. Maybe there was an even bigger and better carni going on near by. The kind with eating contests, spittin' matches, bearded women and the world's tallest man.

Sydney and Jared had a booth to introduce Dr. Condie as the newest and nicest dentist in town so we helped blow up balloons and talk to people about why they (and YOU) should go to Jared for all your tooth (teeth) needs.

While we were basking in carni bliss, we met up with one of my old Springville High Friends Davian (Tranchell) Johnson. It was really fun to get together and reminisce about going to the carni is jr. high and riding the rides with every boy we had a crush on (which was every boy in our class). I was able to meet her husband, Jared, for the first time. He and Fred hit it right off. The boys were able to chat while Dav and I caught up on life, marriage, and of course Springville gossip.

Yes...that's me with the wet dog hair. I'm hot.

Here's our video taken during the ride: (coming soon)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Golf Widow

The sun is out. The grass is green. It's finally time to play outside.

What does all of that equal?

GOLF: All day every day

Fred is OBSESSED with golf right now so he is never home. If I let him, he'd quit his job and try to go pro by playing 36 or more holes a day.

On Saturday, he played two different times.

Since I told him NO on the dirt bike (for now), he was able to put his money toward some golf clubs. He found a great deal on some new clubs on KSL.

I'm playing with him a little and I won't lie...I'm improving, but I think this can be his thing.

More evidence that someone is a little obsessed...
(he'll kill me for posting these but it's just too cute to not)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Look what I did!

On Saturday I did my first 5k. I was terrified! I couldn't sleep the night before (I tossed and turned and kept waking Fred up) and the morning of I was hoping/praying they'd cancel because it was raining. Nope, not a chance.

Sydney and I got there to find families (families meaning: mom, dad, kid #1, kid #2, kid #3 and brand new 4 day old baby) participating. Heck if these moms could do it pushing a stroller and taking car of 3 other little ones then I could do it!

And I did! I didn't stop once!! I finished in 31:26 not a fabulous time for you runners out there but for me that was amazing! My goal was to do it in less than 40:00. I'm pretty stoked because I hadn't trained much and honestly thought I'd be sitting on a curb somewhere sweating, holding myself, and waiting for my mom and Fred to come find me.

I think I just might like this running thing!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Is it creepy if...

My brother Jason and his wifey Jenn have the absolute cutest kids. I won't lie. I often wonder if its creepy telling them that I want to eat their children.

Creepy? Maybe...but seriously look at this picture and tell me Addison isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Please note: I often think this about all my neices and nephews. The older ones included!
Fred says I shouldn't tell people I want to eat their children so I've held back...until I saw this picture on Little N's blog. I couldn't hold myself back.

This is Izzie. I could eat her too. She is just TOO cute.

I just deleted the rest of the pictures I added of all my nieces and nephews...because that's creepy. So I'll settle with two pictures of our ONLY nieces.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Never a dull moment...

Fred got in a wreck coming back from a job in Bear Lake on Friday. Lucky he wasn't hurt. His work truck is a different story.
He t-boned another car that failed to yield. The other car was an elderly couple. The man driving didn't see Fred coming at all. His wife was the only one hurt. As you can see in the picture, she received the brunt of the damage. The jaws of life were used to get her out and she was taken to the hospital.
Everyone else was okay.

Fred is a little sore today. But don't worry. He made sure he was well enough to golf two days in a row.