Thursday, March 26, 2009

Survival of the Shortest

At our house, I do the grocery shopping and the cooking most of the time. So when I shop I buy tend to buy us a few snacks, treats, and yummy entrees. Because I also put them away I can't be held responsible for not telling Fred everything that I purchased and it's exact location in the house.

I will admit that I use this to my advantage because Fred eats us out of house and home. If I want something I have to eat it fast whether I'm hungry or not or…I put it on a shelf he can't see. Once again…it's not my fault he doesn't look around.
Lately I've been buying fruit snacks. I put them on the shelf in the pantry that also has crackers and other items of the same snacky nature. I had two boxes. I ate an entire box by myself over the course of a month and when I noticed the second box had gone untouched I knew he had no idea they were there. Nothing of that nature would last more than a day if he knew it was there.

A couple nights later, he was looking for something in the pantry so I told him it was on one of the bottom shelves. As soon as I uttered the words, I gasped. My secret was out.

Moments later I heard a "What the! How come you didn't tell me we had treats"
In my head "because I'm not stupid" out loud "oh…you didn't know they were there?" within a day that entire box was gone as expected.

This time there was a box of Fruit by the foot that I have been successfully NOT HIDING on the bottom shelf of the pantry for over a week and a half.

Last night, I got home from work and Fred was at class. I went up stairs and in our room was this:
A fruit by the foot wrapper. Crap. I've been discovered.

It's not my fault he doesn't look through the cupboards.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break = Break from Logan

For Spring Break this year we were pretty low-key. Fred helped our friends John and Amber remodel their rental house getting it ready to sale, I worked…and worked…and then at the end of the week we took off for Moab. We just needed a break from Logan in general. It didn't matter what we were doing just that we weren't in Logan.

Moab is the best place for vacations. We loving going because we can hike, golf, shop, and see the cutest three kids this side of the Mississippi. It was nice to just sit at their house too.

We're lucky to have family there. Thanks Jason and Jen for letting us invade your house!

I love this picture! The mountains are gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Needed: TV Patch

I'm addicted. Last night while helping our friend John do some painting in Roy, I went on and on and ON about celebrities on TV right now - as if they were my very best friends. At the end of my breathless five minute schpill about how I was so excited the Melissa was on DWTS, and couldn't wait to see Chelsie from SYTYCD on it too…John stopped and said, "what are you even talking about?" "Do you actually know these people?"

I'd lost both he and Fred from the second I said, "OMG did you see who is on DWTS?" crap. I can't help it though. I've never been this into reality television…until this year!

These are my reality shows and why I love them:

Dancing with the Stars: Because of the cast this season. I have NEVER even wanted to watch this show until this season. it's all about my favs that are on it. Who I'm watching: Melissa. Because I was a faithful Bachelor fan. Go Melissa! (who I didn't actually like until A-hole made a complete idiot of her on national television. Good one jerk.) Holly- because I love The Girls Next Door. Sorry mom. Chelsie (a pro): because I was obsessed with SYTYCD this last summer and she is amazing, from Orem, and has killer legs.

American Idol: I really like this show this year. I'm sad Kristen didn't make the cut, but am excited to see the top contenders battle it out. I love Adam (mostly because he's hot and he was in WICKED), and Danny (um…no explanation needed). I like a lot of the other contestants too. If you could remove Randy's 'ebonic' comments I'd love it even more. Yo Yo Yo Dawg!

Celebrity Apprentice: Another show I've never been super into. I don't know why…it's all about doing the stuff I love - Marketing, Event Planning and PR. This season I started watching because of Natalie. She's an LPGA Champ (Golf…it's a sickness), from the Dirty-Dirty, and is super cute and fun (here's where I think I know her). Can I go on this show? Please!

These aren't all of 'my' shows but just a few of my favorites. Yes I still have a life...thanks to DVR so I can fast forward through the stupid parts!

What do you watch?