Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things to love

Lately I've been a bit moody, and somewhat down in the dumps. To remedy this I decided to create a list of my current loves.

Right now I LOVE:
*Sunny - She makes any day a good day and you can't help but smile when you ride her
*Google Reader - lets me keep my blog reading/stalking fast and streamlined
*Cookie Dough - I made cookies last week so I could take some to my super sweet neighbor Delia and well…that was the only plate that made it out of the oven.
*The sunshine - I love it but my work brain hates it. I don't get anything done anymore.
*Running - this is something I'm trying to love. If I say I love it then it'll help my shin splints go away right?
*My new hair - its shorter than it's ever been and sassy...I love it
*My new pink ipod with my nike plus - it’s a match made in heaven

Things I'm looking forward to:
*School being out for summer!
*Our trip to Arizona next week (this includes but is not limited to: seeing our Arizona friends, in and out burger, sunshine, golf, AZ cupcake shop & life decisions)
*A cupcake from some a Utah cupcake shop somewhere
*The Ragnar (after I get new running shoes)
*Summer - starting...soon. (this includes but is not limited to: BBQ's, camping, lake powell, birthdays, boating, swimming, parades, snow cones, and Art City Days)

What are your favs?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Runners:

I am training for my death in the Ragnar. During my training I've started getting shin splints worse than I've ever gotten them before and my foot/leg hinge kiiiilllls after awhile - Usually for the first 1.5 miles I am in agony and unless I take drugs before I start OR walk and cry the rest of my run then I don't finish.

I've asked a bunch of people what they think and the common answer is shoes. So I'm beginning my search for a pair of new running shoes. So here is my question: Have you ever been fitted for a pair of running shoes? I mean where you go to a running store and they make you do a couple different things to determine the type of shoe you need. If yes, where? How was it? What'd they do?

If no, why not? Would you?

Any tips or pointers would be much appreciated!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Wicked Baby!

We went to Wicked last weekend and it was AH-MAZ-ING!
I was only hyperventilating before it started. I was so excited.

Even Fred liked it.

I will say that the Fiero in London was waaay better than the one in the traveling tour. But still amazing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I haven't cooked a home cook meal in over a month...maybe more.
Whoops. I'm going to be better because I can't handle this eating out all the time thing anymore.

In order to cook...does that mean i have to grocery shop...argh...maybe I'll rethink this cooking thing.

Captain's Log Day 105:

Its snowing here in Logan - big, fat, white flakes. Weathermen say it's to last the next few days. I hope we last that long. Our souls are in need for sunshine. Sunshine that lasts longer that 24 hours. Where is Spring? no one knows.

Our hopes were high with a gorgeous Easter day filled with sunshine and flip flops, however things took a turn for the worse Monday morning. Dark clouds filled the sky but didn't let loose until Tuesday and poured down into Wednesday then the drops turned to industrial sized flakes.
We hope and pray the weather doesn't last like this for long. It's been too long already. We pray the next coming weeks come and go quickly so that we are able to have sunshine and run away to Arizona.

Forever yours

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well Lookie Here!

Here's a blog to add to your must read, follow, or google reader list!

One of my BFF's Amanda just started a blog. She's a newbie but is super funny and cool (obviously because we're friends) so get on there...comment...and feel free to stalk.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jump in it's going to be a bumpy ride!

if you know me - you know I want out of Cache Valley. Love this place...but I want OUT!

Fred and I met in my final semester at USU. I graduated then we married in the fall and have been continuing Fred's education ever since.

At one point his adviser told him December of '09 - then it was December of '11. We've been trying to speed things along by Fred only doing school and Chana only working (I hate the person who thought of this). So far it seems as though we are running in place.

Well our prayers were answered when Fred went to the CORRECT adviser the other day who told him he can graduate in December of 2010 - 5 semesters...yes ladies and gentlemen...that's including summers. I guess the answer to our prayers is 'sit down, shut up, and enjoy the freakin' ride'.

Are we there yet?