Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Art City Days!

This weekend we went back to Happy Valley for Springville's Art City Days. It's one of my favorite times of year. Not only are you able to take in the booths, the carni food, and the borderline deadly rides, but the carni folk come out of their caves to work, no to perform for the general public.

I was a tiny bit disappointed with the number of that were carni's out and about. There weren't many. Maybe there was an even bigger and better carni going on near by. The kind with eating contests, spittin' matches, bearded women and the world's tallest man.

Sydney and Jared had a booth to introduce Dr. Condie as the newest and nicest dentist in town so we helped blow up balloons and talk to people about why they (and YOU) should go to Jared for all your tooth (teeth) needs.

While we were basking in carni bliss, we met up with one of my old Springville High Friends Davian (Tranchell) Johnson. It was really fun to get together and reminisce about going to the carni is jr. high and riding the rides with every boy we had a crush on (which was every boy in our class). I was able to meet her husband, Jared, for the first time. He and Fred hit it right off. The boys were able to chat while Dav and I caught up on life, marriage, and of course Springville gossip.

Yes...that's me with the wet dog hair. I'm hot.

Here's our video taken during the ride: (coming soon)


The Railsback's said...

That girl in blue looks like she could be your twin, even moore so with her mouth open

Unknown said...

Everyone says that! It's so funny! She's my little sister. We swear we look nothing alike although we will glance at pictures of ourselves and say it's eachother instead.

Amanda said...

So Joseph never let me know how many Zipper flips you got....I'm waiting to see if you beat Matt's score.

Looks like you had fun!!!

Rachelle said...

How fun! We miss good old Utah Valley. We will definitely have to see you next time we are in town. Will you be in Logan much longer? We love reading your blog by the way. You keep us laughing.

Jared and Davian said...

Looks like my comment didn't post.... let's see if this one will work!
It was so fun to see you again, and meet Fred. You two are such a cute couple. I am so glad Jared and Fred hit it off! Jared said he was really a cool guy and funny. We need to get together again sometime and go out!
I think you need to add to your post that your friends look drunk or something, what is wrong with us? I don't think we look like that in real life! By the way, your hair was really cute and not looking like a wet dog!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA Looks like you had tons of fun! I wish I would have known you were down it would have been fun to see you! Hope your doing incredible!