Friday, October 9, 2009

So it begins

It's October 9. We move October 31st. 22 days away gasp.
Have we started packing? Nope. Well…I packed 2 boxes clearing the books off of our bookshelf in the office. Then I got bored.

I am hoping that the packing can begin this weekend. Like really begin. Whether or not I can convince the husband of this I'm not so sure.

Here are our hold backs and their translations

Here are his hold backs on packing:
-it's too soon. (we have weeks. We're fine)
-"I don't want boxes everywhere around the house" (and I'm not willing to walk them to the garage)
-but we still use everything (we don't really but it works as a reason right?)

Here are my hold backs:
-its too soon. I mean not really but kind of. (why do something today when you can do it tomorrow? Or in our case in 2 weeks?)
-I can't pack my clothes because I wear them (lets be honest. I wear 1/4 of my closet. But all those clothes I can't pack because I wear them. Plus who knows what will happen. I may need to wear one of the 500 shirts for an occasion such as: fill in the blank)
-packing alone is boring (it really is)
-this is going to require cleaning (gag)
-Fred doesn't want to and he's cute so I'll hang out with him

Please bless that we'll pack. Something.


Sydney said...

Pack a box a day or at least start collecting the boxes so it won't be as bad....because it's going to not be fun. Plus, you have to really pack stuff, not just throw in a box to head down the street. Start now sista.....I've done without for over a year, you can go without for two weeks.

Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Seriously.... we started packing a few weeks ago and are moving 25 minutes away!! You are practically moving cross country :) no but seriously bust out the boxes... cause your coming to see me :)