Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I love shirts like these:

I have a couple that I think look cute. However, everytime I wear them I get this response from my husband, "Arrr that's an UGLY shirt" or "Did the pirate store have a sale?" or the classic "where's your parrot and hook?"

His enthusiasm was fueled when I got back from Chicago a while back and we went to my parents house. My brother said, "what did you go to the pirate store in Chicago?"

These comments made me laugh on the outside but frown on the inside. but I'm still wearing the shirts. I only packed one of my "pirate shirts" for our month here though - only because Fred said he'd throw the other one away...and he didn't know about the one I brought. Until I wore it and was looking fab and he came in and said, 'Arr matey you're wearing an ugly shirt'.

So then later I tell him that really he should just be telling me I'm beautiful - like all the time. Even when I haven't showered for days, have boogers in my nose, and I look like death. He laughs and says, "yeah...but your boobs are already sooo big that when you wear a shirt with 'fluff' on the front it only makes them BIGGER" (making a giant boob motion with his hand).

Mmmhmm. So the truth comes out.


thetaylors said...

At least I am not the only one who gets such nice comments from your brother. We were watching the news last night and he told me he thought Shauna Lake's scarf looked like she was wearing curly fries. (I thought it was really cute). What is a girl to do?

Jared and Delia said...

I like the ruffles too. Jared thinks they are ugly but tolerates them.

Anonymous said...

Just tell him that they will come in handy after you have kids and have finished breastfeeding. They will need all the help they can get! I compare them to deflated balloons...Remember perky? Well...perky no more. Perky no those shirts for a rainy day!

DEBBIE said...

It's men.. They have no clue anyway!