Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working from Home (er...the Inlaws)

Last week was insane. This week begins our month at the inlaws and my first REAL week of working from home.

Why a month you ask?

Well, my job was nice enough to let me work remotely and since Fred didn't have a job just yet we decided to come spend some quality time with his fam while we could (cough - and not pay rent - cough). So here we are.

Right - smack - dab - in the dirty dirty.

Here it is at the end of the day and what is my assessment of working from home?? eee. Well. it's more productive - probably because it's boring.

(insert that noise that the movies have - like a ripping or eeerrrk)

The above was written on Monday. See below for an update.

Day 3: must have someone to entertain me. please. an 18-month old that doesn't like me yet doesn't count.

I got a package today from work (I nearly skipped to the door and hugged the delivery man) inside was stuff for a project and a surprise my coworker sent. Yep. it's a flask. Perfect for that moonshine (disclaimer: no I won't actually be using it. well maybe I'll try water in there. that could be fun).

I'm still getting all my stuff done BUT I'm bored to tears. I have to take walks to the end of the hallway and back. Or take pictures of myself which leads to thoughts like, 'oh. my. I think I've let myself go.' or 'people are going to think that all you wear is a Gap sweat shirt - wait. is it?' or even 'I bet Fred tells me I'm gay for taking pictures of myself and then posting them online. too bad soo sad. He's stuck with me.'

The perks of working from home?

Please reference the pictures again. yep. I'm still in my PJs and I can bust a move in the kitchen without anyone seeing me.

Still I'm bored. Help!!


Jared and Delia said...

Ha ha. I don't think I could stand it either!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

Channa, once you get the hang of it it is the best thing ever!!!.. It took me awhile to adjust to working from home. It was too quiet!but, you can decorate your office to entertain you (make sure there is a boob tube for background noise) Put a treadmill in your office) Once you are in your own house it will be better I promise. Fold some laudry, do the dishes, buy that book you have been wanting to read. I was able to get ALL my christmas baking done when I was slow. YOU CAN DO IT. I learned it was much better to be boared at home when it was slow than to be boared at work when it was slow.

Jared and Davian said...

You crack me up... I love staying in my pajamas for as long as possible!

You should go take pictures of random people for entertainment! I know down there in the dirty dirty there are some people that deserve to have their ugly/googly mug on your blog! (Your summer post of pictures of random people made me laugh so hard... Gotta love it!)

thetaylors said...

Step one-get dressed. At my house that usually happens around 1pm. It's hard to be motivated to do that when you have no where to go.

I think that exercise equipment is a great idea. Get yourself a ball to bounce on while you sit at the computer. You could do all kinds of ab work.

Listen to KOZY on the computer. They are playing Christmas music already.

Good luck, I'm not much help, but we miss you. You seem too far away.

Anonymous said...

My dad works from home and feels the same way. Sometimes, just to get a break, he'll go wash his car outside, or sweep out the garage, random stuff like that to just keep from going crazy. Good luck with that. Miss you.

Debbie Campbell said...

I felt the same way at home. It was really really boring.. BAD.
I would have used the flask!!

Unknown said...

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