Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Every day...

I check craigslist for new housing listings. Every day I panic just a little bit that we don't know where we're going to live, that we have to move in by a certain date, that I can't take more time off, and that life is more expensive there. Every day I hope to see a listing for the most amazing apartment/condo for a crazy good deal. Every day I log off disappointed.
Every day Fred tells me not to panic. That there isn't anything we can do from here so we'll figure it out when we get there. Every day he's right (about this...). Every day he can take me from break-out-stress-city to calm-and-carry-on status.
Just another reason I love him.


kate said...

uggh. I FEEL your pain!!!

that's why we're living where we are now. no contract. no deposit. no committment. not my favorite, but it works for now.

we've recently started the craigslist hunt again. it sucks. look at or az central. they seem more legit! :) good luck!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

you need to check you don't have to be military, it's just geared for people moving. There are housed/condos for rent/sale in the area. pick AZ then Luke AFB. you can select how much you want to pay and they will tell you what they have listed with them. That's how we found our house we rented when we first got to NC.