Monday, November 16, 2009

Sports Fanatic

Lets get something straight. I don't HATE sports, as I heard my husband tell one of our friends the other day. I don't. I just don't have the attention span to watch them especially on TV. No thanks - I'd rather be slapped by a spoon.

As for live games, I like live athletic events - at least for awhile. I have a major case of Athletic A.D.D. I care more about watching the crowd then the game. I start playing games such as: 'real or fake', 'husband or brother', 'wife or mistress', 'ooh look at _____', or the classic 'don't look now but...'

So really you could say I'm a huge fan of sports. As long as I can see a crowd and you don't mind me saying 'oooh ooh look at that!!' every few minutes.

Am I alone? Who else plays these games?


Annie Duckworth said...

Regan's parents have season tickets to the Jazz game. I do love sports and I do love the Jazz but I LOVE to go to Jazz games. The seats are really expensive so we are usually surrounded by some pretty rich people which means GREAT clothes and AWESOME hair.

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

It must be genetic... I have the same problem. But the other best thing about going to a live game is getting the yummy stuff at the snack bar that you normally don't eat at home or on a daily basis.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

I love sports! And I love people watching. It's the best of both worlds for me. Except golf . . . yuck! I like playing it, hate watching it.

Kami said...

I take binoculars to every Jazz game we go to for that specific reason (we have season tickets so we're there A LOT.) Brett hates it because I'm the crazy girl turned around in my seat so I can get a good look at the people behind me.

Delia said...

I would rather be slapped by a spoon too.:)