Monday, November 1, 2010

Guess Who...

Guess who got a dog recently?
            Our neighbor.

Guess what kind?
            a yappy one.

Guess who barked from 2:30pm to midnight SATURDAY and then again from 4am - 11am  (at least that's when we left for church) on SUNDAY?
             that $%#@ dog.

Guess who didn't answer the door when Fred banged on the door at 5:30am?
             the neighbor.

Guess who left the poor dog alone - locked in the kitchen for the weekend?
             the neighbor.

Guess who could only find 1 pair of ear plugs but was nice enough to give me half?

Guess who was forced to sleep with one ear plugged and one ear pressed in a pillow?

Guess who would have taken the dog if there weren't laws against breaking and entering?

Guess who now has a formal complaint about them and their dog at the management office?
             the neighbor.

We were ticked about the barking but after figuring out that the poor dog was locked in the kitchen alone for such a long period of time we were more angry at the neighbor. That poor pup - I'd be crying too.


Sydney said...

Complain every day..every day and if that doesn't work. Break in and rescue that poor pup!

thetaylors said...

Oh my goodness, call the dog catcher NOW!

The Millers said...

I sort of like dogs, but I totally HATE barking...I'm sorry.

Chelsie and Trace said...

Oh that bugs me sooooo bad when people do that and they do nothing about it but I guess them not being home would make it so they had no idea and didn't care about the poor dog or the neighbors around that had to listen to that. That sucks!!