Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things to NOT say

  • "Your legs are getting vainy, you know what that means right? You're getting OLD."
    FYI they are NOT vainy. Like really they aren't. mmmk?

  • "your boobs are freaking gigantic - you're screwed when we have kids"
    no. joke.

  • "stop wearing cardigans with everything - are you 90?"
    cardigans are stylish. suck it.

  • "Does it make you feel bad that I'm like 50 shades darker than you?"
    crap. no defense on this one.

We're sooo in love.


Sydney said...

Just tell him your working inside so you have insurance to pay the medical bills when he gets skin cancer.

White is the new tan....

Unknown said...

Hi Chana! Yes you are way creepy for reading my blog.
And by way creepy I mean, not creepy and "Someone actually reads my blog? Yeah!!"
I'll have to add yours to my stalking list. :) Thanks for saying hi!

p.s. I loooove the sweet nothings you and your husband share. I can feel the love. ;)

Amanda said...

Isn't my brother so romantical?

Once again, I apologize Chana! But, sorry no refunds you're stuck with him! :o)

Love you,

kate said...


they totally know how to put on the charm.
just one of the perks of "being married."

thankfully we love our guys! ;)

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

makes eternity seem a whole lot longer doesn't it?

Camille said...

Does it make him feel bad that his 50 shades darker than you' mean that when you are 40 and a hot MILF with amazing skin, he will look like he's 92? Hmm... lets see who is better than. Also, aren't big boobs supposed to be good? Man, Matt would do anything to have my boobs 'freaking gigantic'. You better tell Freddy he should be thankful for gods gifts to his wife :)