Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I might have googled how to spell that word. maybe.

I've taken bit of a hiatus from blogging. It's been amazing. Not because I don't have plenty to blog about or that I don't want to but life has been insanely busy. The kind of busy that makes you wonder how you'll accomplish your many tasks in the small amount of hours in the day. Or has you second guessing whether sleep is really needed.

On a couple of occasions the answer to the latter has been no. not necessary.

Me exhausted after a 15 hour day at work...

I'm hanging out in Utah this month. Freddie is all by his lonesome - loving life.

Let's go ahead and talk about that for a sec - so my fear of him starving to death is completely and totally wrong. Not only is he eating but he's actually COOKING for himself. like meals. WTH.
It's amazing that when I'm not around he actually knows how to cook and shop for good food. But hells bells if I'm there he literally cannot fathom the idea of making anything. Something is wrong with this picture.

Being in Utah has been better than expected - it's not all bliss but for the most part life is good here. I miss it. I miss the mountains. and our friends/family. sigh.
What I don't miss? eating 24-hours a day. I literally have this hunger that cannot be satisfied. I have to eat everything in sight. I'm slowly gaining control. thankfully. Why Utah! Why!?

There are posts to come...and I'll try to be better since my Utah trip lasts another couple of weeks (that are already scheduled and spent pretty much...sheesh).


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

What's wrong with cookies and brownies every night?? :)

Kellie said...

Are you wearing a snuggie in that pic?

Caro said...

Anything that goes in the microwave, is it called cooking?

Unknown said...

haha no kell - no snuggie!! Just an ugly polo shirt from work.

Don't be jealous.