Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Home Office

I've been telecommuting, aka working from home for 7 months now. Wow. Who knew I'd survive this long!? Because I seriously didn't.

Lately though, I can tell you both Fred and I are beginning to dream about moving my office as I am "in the way" of Fred if he's home.

through the door on the left is the laundry room and then into the garage so anytime Fred has to leave or comes home I have to scooch all the way in or move out of the way. Trust me it gets pretty annoying. For both of us.

So then we started thinking...what if I just used our extra room for my office - benefits including:
  1. the ability to SHUT the door therefore not getting distracted by Fred watching tv, listening to music, or wanting to hang out

  2. more space

  3. out of the way

  4. Fred could use this little nook for doing homework instead of using the coffee table - which he always leaves a mess. (the coffee table which also serves as the dining room table - psh seriously we aren't ghetto)

  5. Plus we'd add something like this to our furniture list:

I'm seriously dreaming of this computer armoire...


Caro said...

Go for it! Especially if you have an extra room.

Unknown said...

Do it!! It for sure would be nice to have your own spot any way! What are you doing for work now?

Laura W said...

You seriously need to turn that spare bedroom into a huge U-shaped work space. Room for the computer, cricut and sewing machine. Then you can just roll your chair from one project to another!