Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Rule

Fred and I should ONLY be allowed to hang out with our married friends when we're TOGETHER.

Because when we're on our own...secrets are told.

Like the time I spilled the beans that sometimes (cough most of the time cough) a certain man-of-the-house finds clothing optional - and it's safest to call ahead.

Or most recently on Friday night when Fred went to dinner with some friends celebrating a friend's bday. I wasn't able to play until after I got off work. But by then - the damage was done.

You see, along with our regular friends there were some irregular friends. Including the Bishop. The very Bishop I've told no to for speaking in church 3 times. The one I avoid at church for fear it'll result in a calling, prayer, or special assignment. Yep. That guy.

While I was working so so hard, Fred willingly threw me under the bus. There was no thought as to 'no she'd be embarrassed' or 'my wife is so beautiful, I'd never say something to get her in trouble'. He just told the Bish that I'm the reason we haven't spoken. I'm the one who makes him say no. Awkward.

I'm so glad I won't be around to go to church for the next month. Then again...

dear friends - please disregard anything/everything Fred says about me over the next month. Especially if it's about any of my habits, my recent anti-social behavior, moodiness, or anything else you know I'd be mortified about.


kate said...

oh. snap!

that sucks.

you should move. :)

Laura W said...

Remind him that his voice works independent of yours and that he can speak in church anytime he is asked to.