Friday, May 21, 2010

Arch Support

I'm at the foot doctor. One shoe on. One shoe off. Ready for a shot and some sound waves. Bring it!

There is an awkward medical assistant that keeps popping in to chat. He did this last time too. He's awkward. Like Trekkie awkward. It was mistake to forget to wear my wedding ring that day.

Today the ring is on.

Our last conversation involved figuring out how to use the shock wave machine as a weapon on the streets. The verdict: remove end and add a knife. Though Trekkie said knives weren't very fun. Mmmhmm.

They *think* I have plantar facisitis. Not an extreme case according to the doc. What he's really saying is: you're kind of a baby but we'll fix it.

I'm cool with that. It's a fact I already knew. Reason #256 why I don't have kids yet.

Doc says I still need shoes with arch support. I don't know what he means. I only speak flip flop and know a little wedge and flats.

Ps. I'm posting from my phone so who knows if this will work and even then I may read this when I get home and delete it on grounds of being lame.


Anonymous said...

What is plantar facisitis? It that a trekkie word?

The Millers said...

Hope you foot is doing better and that the trekkie didn't get you with your imaginary street knife shocker...and fyi you can still have a baby and be a whimp (trust me)

Laura W said...

Oh how cute those little toes look peeking out of flip flops. How could you possibly cover them up? Since I too suffer the same problem (I think you should be able to have as little covering on your feet as possible) I will tell you chaco, north face and keen make sandals that have arch supports in them. And waaait for it, yes there are even flip flops with arch supports in them. Pricey yes, but not having your feet hurt everytime you stand up or walk for long periods of time is so worth it. So get to googling arch support sandals and Happy shopping! PS do not tell Joseph that I told you about this!