Monday, May 3, 2010


Friday morning was a day for cuss words, angry eyes, and frustration. My work computer has been giving me attitude for awhile but Thursday and Friday were the days when my lappy basically gave me the bird.

I spent 3 hours on Thursday trying to make her better with the help (a word used loosely) from my support team in Utah and then started Friday with hopes of having an incredibly productive day - making up for all lost time spent begging and pleading with my computer to behave.

But to no avail. She was ticked. I guess I didn't spend enough time telling her she was pretty and that she worked so well. I was instructed to overnite her back to Utah for the "professionals" to take a look (please bless it was NOT user error).

So here I am. Laying in bed, working on Fred's laptop. I have a really hard life. Could someone get me a drink and some breakfast? I'm really busy in here.


Caro said...

Awww working in bed I wish I had mornings like that once in a while.

Sydney said...

Let's be Pollyanna for a moment.

Be glad Fred has a laptop you can work from. If you only had your work computer, you'd really be in a pickle. don't you have a desktop too?

Okay. That was fun.

Love you!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

I had a desk top when working from home... unfortunatly it never died on me .... I did however have eternal internet problems, and when your office phone runs through your internet, and everything you do is on line, it allowed me a "day off" every now and again, wich is always a good thing in my book