Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love

  1. When best friends come visit from out of state - making you want to kidnap them so they can never leave and so you have a best friend in a new place

  2. trying out recipes found in the Food Network Magazine and loving them
    by recipes I mean 1 but I did make it twice in a matter of days.

  3. playing the game 'words with friends' on my iphone
    if you have an iphone or touch - lets play!

  4. leggings
    so comfy...

  5. fruit leather

  6. being in the Arizona sunshine

  7. when your friend's 2.5 year old wants to sit and snuggle with you almost making you want kids...but not quite

  8. days when I don't have to work 2 jobs

  9. thinking about being in Utah in June and mentally planning things to do and people to see

  10. wandering around IKEA dreaming of the simplified style I hope to incorporate all over my house someday

What do you love?


kate said...

oooh. those are good things to love! :)

Kellie said...

What? Are you quitting Nordstrom? Also when are you going to be in town? Diana and I were talking about wanting to do a girls St. George trip.

The Railsback's said...

I love you and I loved being there This week!

Unknown said...

Excellent choices!

Yolanda said...

I love words with friends! Ylopez0305... Your going down ;)

Sydney said...