Monday, April 5, 2010


It seems ridiculous that I am so tired. Did I say tired? I meant exhausted.

This new job is kicking my booty. I love it. Well, I love working there but I don't love how my feet are reacting. You'd think they'd been stuck under a desk for over 2 years or something.

Please bless they figure out that standing and walking on them (in cute, not-always-comfortable shoes) for 5+ hours straight is the cool thing to do.

I worked eight hours on Saturday and then we had to go to Walmart to grab the ingredients for our Easter dinner and I was almost in tears being forced to walk around. The bottoms of my feet killed! Not to mention the blisters (Ragnar 2009 didn't even produce this many blisters).

I should be allowed to grab a motorized cart.

Like I said. Ridiculous.

in other catch up news:
  • Fred has 2 weeks left of his semester and then he gets a big ol' break. I don't.
  • Fred got a job (halle-freaking-luah)
  • I opted to not pay the $500 for an MRI on my foot - we'll see what other options I have (but working on my feet nonstop isn't really helping...)
  • Sadly, I had to drop out of 2010 Ragnar due to the same foot issues
  • I want a mini vacay


kate said...

Bless your feet. I totally understand that pain. When I went to working in heels all day after working in a doctors office, I about died!

Hope things get better for ya! :)

Amanda said...

So sorry about your foot pain and to hear that you can't do Ragnar this year! :( I totally understand sore feet, working on my feet all day (well, used to be all day, most everyday) I get it. Try those in sole get things, they helped me out tons and were like pillows for my feet. Good Luck!!

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

I'm sorry your feeties are giving you trouble. No fun!! Where is Fred working at?? And you can take a mini Vacay to our house anytime. (Guess it's not really mini, since it's 12+ hours.)

Sydney said...

Seriously, ditch the uncomfortable shoes and get some that are comfortable. HEELLLOO! Sounds pretty simple to me. You don't have to wear your running shoes but make your first purchase with that discount some shoes you can actually wear!

Unknown said...

whatever syd! I did buy comfortable shoes!! They still kill my feet! Not as bad as my $10 ones but still kill them. So there.

I need to get some cushion insoles...

The Millers said...

Your poor little feet! Standing on them like that all day is hard. I'm glad you are liking your new job!

McKell said...

Your feet will get used to it! I remember the PAIN of being on my feet all day teaching for the first couple weeks. Your feet adapt...but I did learn to ditch the heels and stick to the FLAT comfys It helps a ton. Good luck! Oh...and do I get to see you this week? Let me know when you have some down time in this crazy new life of yours.

tayclan33 said...

I agree with what everyone said! ;)

The Railsback's said...

K friend, If I am sill, I suck and am a horrible friend but I do check up on you through blog, not always having time to leave a comment! I miss you and think you should take that mini vacay and come on over here! Loves and kisses PS wheres the Job?