Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confessions of a Mormon Girl

  • I want my nose pierced. really really bad. There I said it

  • I swear. some days more than I'd like to admit

  • I don't understand money. saving or budgeting

  • I can justify anything

  • I can also talk myself out of anything

  • I struggle with the thought of being a mom. I can only think of sacrifice, lack of sleep, debt, tantrums, poop, and saggy boobs. I'm also mortified/disgusted at the thought of breast feeding (not when others do it - just the idea of actually doing it - BUTT PUCKER). I don't know how women do it or how I'll be able to take that leap into motherhood

  • I think making new friends is worse than dating - more like finding new friends has replaced dating. Instead of playing hard to get with a boy - I find myself playing it with new friends. Yep. I know it's lame (and is obviously NOT working so maybe I should put out instead?)
  • I have 1 bra. yep only 1 - I'm disgusting I already know
  • Some days I want to pack our bags and run away
  • I'm a number brat - I will only buy clothes if they are my mentally accepted number size otherwise I won't buy anything (how ridiculous)
  • I miss Utah - the weather, the farmers markets, the mountains, our friends, family, quick trips, BBQs -but I don't miss Utah Mormons (disclaimer: not all Mormon's in Utah are this way)
  • I love Chai Tea
  • annoying Fred is one of my favorite hobbies (unfortunately I think his life goal is to bug the crap out of me)
  • I have to be playing with something in my hands almost always

Your turn - confess something!


kate said...


We're kindred spirits.

Noise ring. Yep.
Money. Check.
Mom.. majorly. did you seriously say butt pucker? that is HILARIOUS.. and breast feeding.. eww. i know. i should want to, but i don't.

numbers.. i have like two pair of jeans because i refuse to buy anymore fat pants.

and i too have one bra.

Miss ya! :)

kate said...

Oh and that should say nose ring.. ha ha

Oh and..... I have a hard time with Utah Mormons, and I am one. geeze louise.

Cherie said...

I've wanted a nose ring since I was like 14! And honestly, maybe I will get one some day, in the next couple years. The hole closes back up anyway!

Cherie said...

I left the other one before reading the rest! I hate making new friends too... it really takes awhile for a new ward to become home. Trent and I have lived here a year and a half now it finally feels like home... be patient, I Know it sucks!
I too USED to love Chai tea! But did you know it is black tea?? Black tea = against the word of wisdom = no temple reccommend. Just thought I'd share in case you didn't know... But you can keep on drinking if you want! I won't judge! I know its good!
Bras - I have more than one... probably 10... but i only wear 1!
its not like they get sweaty... we wear garments!

Kelda said...

I can agree with so many of those things!! I was grossed out by breastfeeding too. Wasn't sure I wanted to do it. But when you have a baby you realize it's the best thing and it's not so weird anymore - sadly nursing didn't work for me =( nothing wrong with formula though =) Anyways, this post made me laugh cause I feel the same way about so much of what you said!

Caro said...

I am afraid of meeting new people.
I pick my nose sometimes.
I am a bit of a drama queen.

McKell said...

Chan- you crack me up! I love that you confess things that we are all thinking but don't dare say. We just leave it up to you to say them for us :). Breastfeeding is a weird concept- but it really does just become normal after awhile. You just can't think about it very hard or else it becomes weird again. However, the saggy boob thing SUCKS! I won't lie about that one! After kids...boob job! I miss you in Utah too! I hope you come back someday! Love ya!

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

I absolutely hate making new friends!! That is why you should come back to Logan. You can never be replaced.

On the breastfeeding/bra note, be prepared to buy lots more bras because some days you just soak through everything! (Was that TMI??) (yes, even with nursing pads!)

jess said...

this is why NOT being a mormon is so much easier.

nose ring...CHECK. yeah! i hope everyone is jealous of my bad assery. yes, that's a word. google it.

i have several bras, but will wear the same one for a few days (or more) before i wash it. ew.

i'm addicted to diet mountain dew. and coffee. and chai.

i rocked breastfeeding. i sat on the couch and bawled every day for a month when i nursed jenna because she had latch problems and my nips cracked and bled. TMI? i'm not sweetening the deal for you, am i? here's what: nursing means you can be lazy - because you HAVE TO FEED THE BABY!! honey? i need a drink. and while you're up, will you hand me the remote? i'm gonna watch tv. yeah, the baby is hungry, AGAIN. can you believe it?? i know, right??

blog roll my new URL already!!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

Like jeans it is hard to find a bra that fits perfect and is comfy.
As for running away, Kevin and I are ready to go at moments notice,our family motto is have passport will travel (esply if someone else is paying for it) minor problem, two kids one income... no $$ and then there are our callings at church in RS presidency and he is EQ pres... makes it hard to disapear w/o telling people. It only brings on a ton of phone calls/emails after church lets out..only one more month before we move!!

Sara said...

Oh yes....been rockin 1 bra for about 3 years and finally broke down and bought a new one..not a nursing one... because this pregnancy they seem to be growing at a much faster rate than before, so what do you do when you are falling out all over and are suffocating the ladies trying to squeeze them into the same bra you've had for years(buy a new one?).....always wanted an eyebrow ring....just a little loop, always loved them....Love you girl!!!!

thetaylors said...

All I can say is don't do if you don't want to. (breastfeed) It still freaks me out. Plus, no saggy boobs afterward. The girls are the same as they were before.

Jared and Davian said...

Haha! I love it! I've always said if I wasn't a Mormon girl I'd be a coyote... Like Coyote Ugly style! Dancing on the bar and light it all on fire! Sounds so fun huh?!... I'd also have a {nice & pretty} flower tramp stamp. So pre-marriage I had like every color of the very sexy bra from Victoria's Secret. Not sure why - no one ever saw them anyway! Now that I am married I pretty much wear the same one, and some one now sees it!! Breast feeding is a hard thing, atleast for me it was. I nursed for 4 months but had to also supplement the whole time. Yet my sister is a milk cow I swear and it doesn't even phase her to do it! {TMI?} Boob jobs are great! It's not bad to be thankful for modern medicine and take full advantage of someones knowledge and skill to help you feel better about your appearance once you're done having babies! :)