Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Sunday Drive

We just recently sold my little white car and bought Fred a truck. We haven't been able to play in in yet so today we went on a Sunday drive up Logan Canyon.

It was beautiful. On our way up the canyon we were able to see some moose, two different ones. When I spotted it, I tried telling Fred but I couldn't remember what it was called because I've never seen one before!

We drove up to the over look of Bear Lake where Fred proposed. It was beautiful. It's an overlook of bear lake which is completely frozen over right now.

It was really fun to get out and see how beautiful our area is. We're lucky we live next to such amazing views.

Here are some pictures of our day-

What is this light??? CREEPY!


Cynthia said...

You two are way to cute! It's fun to see you so happy and enjoying yourmarriage.

Amanda said...

OH, how cute!! He finally got himself a truck! You guys are too spoiled!!! :o)

erica said...

SO...I just love your blog! I could comment on each topic. I wish you guys were here so we could hang out. Most so we could watch lame shows together (I was totally into Miss America but was a little disappointed by the results.) Glad to hear you are doing well in beautiful Logan!

Sydney said...

Delete this post RIGHT now! If Jared sees that Fred got a truck and he doesn't even have one, I'm going to hear some major whining from now until he gets one... Looks like a fun Sunday drive.