Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Current Obsessions

Lately I am obsessed with TV. Okay this isn't a lately thing, I love TV. Always. I am so grateful for DVR so that we can record all our favorite shows and watch them later without commercials.

My favorite shows (which are ALL on Fred's hate list) are:
-LA Ink (this is the only show Fred will watch with me). I love this show. I love their lives because they are so different from mine. I think about what cool story I could have and the tatoo I could get just so I could be on the show. So far I have no cool stories and I don't have anything that I would want to put on my body permanently. That and I would want a tatoo somewhere that no one would ever see it. Any ideas?

-Gossip Girl (Fred calls this show Gossip Queers). I don't know why. I just love it. I watch it every week. Plus the writers for this show are NOT on strike so it's new every week!

-Grey's Anatomy (Fred calls this one Gay's Anatomy). Again--love it. Wish the producers would pay the writers more already so I could watch a new episode.

-Private Practice. The plot isn't that good and Addison's mannerisms are starting to annoy me but don't you worry I still watch it.

-One Tree Hill. This premiered last night and I was pretty sure that I was way over this show. But nope. The writers beat the high school drama mold by jumping four years ahead. So far so good but we'll have to see. I may or may not have teared up in the first hour, I still have the second half to watch. I'm pretty excited.

-Anything Political. I hate politics. I don't understand them and I hate the word caucus. It makes my butt pucker. But this election has me really interested. I love seeing who is beating who and what they are saying about eachother. I'm not sure who I'll vote for but man oh man is it interesting!
If you haven't seen any of these shows--Watch them. You'll get addicted.


thetaylors said...

I tried watching Gossip Girl last week, but I have no idea who is who and what is going on. I'll have to see if I can download some previous versions from itunes. You know us, TV, TV, TV. It's my buddy and the only adult conversation I get all day long.

rachael said...

i remember the good ol'days with our Bob-a-thon T's and our OC nights-- awww, i miss those times..

i dont watch too much TV.. but lately, i have been interested in a reality show called "crowned..the mother of all pageants" its great and filled with drama! its a mother daughter competition against other mother/daughter pairs! some of these pairs are so crazy! but thats how they got onto the show!!!!

Amanda said...

I L.O.V.E LA Ink, too!!!!! I watch it all the time. The other night there was a marathon on and I didn't go to sleep until 2 in the morning!!! HA!!! I told Matt we are like bosom buddies!!! HA!!! :)

Cynthia said...

As soon as I read this it made me think about CRAC 9 and our TV obsessions...Rachael beat me to it! Oh and you know you like the word's kinda funny! And our babay is doing better and better everyday. It just breaks my heart when my kids are sick.

Unknown said...

I KNOW!! I seriously love TV too! really. It makes me happy when i sit there hour upon hour and watch all those people live their drama filled lives and wonder to myself? why is grey not going for mcdreamy? and who really is gossiping in gossip girl? living my life vicariously through the boob tube.! oh boy oh boy. hours of entertainment!!! oh you know I could go on and on about tv and my ongoing obession with it but I wont. I must restrain myself. plus my show is on. :)