Thursday, January 17, 2008

My husband...Grizzly Adams

Yes Yes I know. I'm married to Grizzly Adams.
Fred hasn't shaved once since we got married. Nope not once.

In October we were at his parents house in Arkansas and he came across his dad's old drivers license from the '70's. In it his dad had a crazy long and bushy beard--this is where the inspiration for his beard came from. I tried telling him that the picture was from the '70's and everyone looked like that or that his dad was working in Alaska so it was more acceptable but nothing worked. Fred decided to grow one.

I really don't notice how long it is until someone says something--which is getting to be more and more often because everyone says something! strangers at the gym, our friends, family, and other random people have all commented.

Every time someone comments I'm afraid that Fred will never shave it off. He claims to be growing it for all those who can't grow a beard as beautiful as his.
I must admit. He does look pretty good with it. He's hot.
In October I made the mistake of insulting his beard as joke and he tacked on another month of beard sporting.

However--the other night he decided that his hair was in major need of a trim so he locked him self in the bathroom for about an hour and came out like this...

YAY! He's so cute! Looking at the picture at the top it looks so much bigger than it really did. But boy am I glad that he cut it off! Love you honey!


Kellie said...

I love the new Fred. Maybe if we all stick together and give him more comments now that its shorter, he will realize that shorter is better. I got your back sista!

Sydney said...

I agree- Shorter is Better!