Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Blog Stalker

FYI: I work at a computer all day while I'm at work and every so often I check blogs (and by every so often I mean multiple times during the day). Lots of blogs. Including all the blogs on my list and a handful of blogs from my list's lists.

So do me a favor and update your blogs regularly! Yeah yeah I need to update mine more too but all of your lives are much more exciting so get on it!

Oh and could someone tell me how to do those cute backgrounds and the title backgrounds? Am I retarded?


Cynthia said...

Don't worry you aren't the only one. I am home for days at a time by myself. So I get bored so I see what everyone else is doing with their lives. It's great!

rachael said...

i made my blog header in Corel Draw- thats my program of choice- i saved the image as a JPG. then on my bloger site i added the JPG to the header.

i know there are sites( others) that have pre-made backgrounds and whatnot---

so yep- hope that helps a bit--