Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I think its dead

This morning, Fred switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer (note: the stuff that had been in the washer had been in there for more than a week--whoops!). He fixed the time on the dryer pushed the start button, heard the air begin to do it's magic, released the button and then swore. This was the discovery: the air works if you hold the button then if released it stops. If you then hold the button it will stop after a couple of seconds. After many attempts, I think we've concluded that it might be dead.

I guess it could be time for them to die. I'm not sure how long they are suppose to last. Our washer and dryer are a couple of gems that we got lucky enough to score from Fred's sister Mandy. When the Mondier clan moved back to the dirty dirty from idaho we got to keep their washer and dryer. They had purchased them from the DI when they moved out west (I think?). They work great! The washer has a huge tub and the dryer works(worked) really fast. We were really lucky! Hopefully if we do have to buy another one, we'll find one on Craigs list or KSL.

A conclusion hasn't been made on whether or not it's dead. I'm sure Fred will whip out the tools to try and fix it (but we'll turn off the breaker this time). So stay tuned. I know I know. You can hardly wait.


Amanda said...

OH, man!!!! That sucks!!! Well, surely mister handy man can fix it. I hope so, tell him to call Dad he'll tell him what to do!!

Cynthia said...

Ok a week in the washer yikes that couldn't have been good! Thank heaven for Craig's List you can always get a steal of a deal on there.


Mine will be up for sale in six months....can't you go to a laundromat until then and then you can buy mine??