Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Warning: Beauty isn't everything!

I may be beautiful but I smell like butt.
Yep that's my stench you smell in the breeze if you're in Cache Valley.
Thank the city - seems I'm their tree of choice


Amanda said...

I just have to say, Mary Ann called me and asked WTF your blog was about. I had to explain that you were speaking on behalf of the tree. You, Chana, do not smell like butt....BTW, still waiting for my Ode.

farmgirl said...

Yes, Chana it's true.
I must say that I was not at all offended by your smell during your stay at Hotel Schoenfeld. Therefore, I was slightly confused by the stink reference since--I am not familiar with the beautiful/butt tree. Amanda set me straight.

Speaking of Amanda...since her blog posts are generally so spread out I took to blurking you. :)
I blurk no more!
Here is my comment to officially say: Haaayyyaaaa. :D

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Amen I hate the butt smell, trees and husbands! :)

Will & Camie Shill said...

k you and i and all the other bunco girls know the truth about you beautiful tree and you are DIRTY! Nice to meet cha.... chana you girls were our funnest fill ins yet!