Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well we're back in Utah now - it isn't as hot but it's home right?! Here are pictures and tid-bits from the rest of our trip:

Emily and I went to Scottsdale one day and while we were there we stopped by to see my oldest friend Ashley and her super cute fam. It's still crazy to me that she's a mom. With two kids. I still don't think we're old enough for that! I still remember running through the sprinklers in my front yard and looking for treasure across the creek with her.

We also went to Bahama Bucks on our last day - afterward I hated Emily a little for not taking me every day. I love snow cones and these ones are JUST like my most favorite shack ever in Moab.

Why am I not talking about Fred? Oh that's because he was golfing the ENTIRE vacation. Weird I know. Since I'm the one that actually takes pictures he doesn't have anything to show for it minus his new love for AZ courses, a speeding ticket, and a dark farmers tan.

But this is how he rode the last two hours of the trip. He had to get a club out and hold it when we left my parents. To which my dad shook his head and accurately called him "pathetic". What have I gotten myself into?

the boys lounging watching some tv after a long day of golfing.

Me and Emily

We also hung out with this crazy kid all weekend. He's stinkin' cute.

what's on his face? chocolate? mud? maybe both.

Fred and I concluded that driving through the night is MUCH better than driving 12 hours during the day. When we finally got home I felt like we'd been driving for days. Yuck!

We had the perfect escape to AZ! Thanks Emily and Darrin for letting us crash at your house and for entertaining us the entire time!


Karli said...

Ooooh, I love me some good snow cone too but unfortunately it's not really a lucrative business up here in the great white north. However, the Slurpees are skookum up here and taste a lot like a slightly melted snow cone! Yay!

Laura W said...

Oh Chana, I wish I could explain the psyche of the Wald men. But alas there will be eternity! I am not surprised by the ticket nor the club. He drives too fast and sleeps with his toys. He always has and evidently always will. Arizona is fun, hot as hades but fun. We have always driven at night when we travel long distances. It is much nicer. We would load the kids up at midnight and take off. They slept most of the way so you didn't here so much of the "are we there yet". Glad you guys made it back home safetly.

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun trip to AZ and a nice break!

P.S. If I remember right, on a previous post one of your loves was event planning :) I think we should have an exec council reunion this summer, I think there are quite a few of us up north.

Amanda said...

I decided if I can't move to Arizona you can't...that's fair right???

I'm so jealous!

Michael + Christina said...

Do you ever watch "The New Adventure of Old Christine"? Well if you don't you're friend in that first pic looks a lot like the lady (Emily Rutherford) who plays "New Christine" in the show! Funny!