Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hubby Tag

Full name: FJW V
How long we've been married: almost 2 years
How long did we date: 7 months
Who eats the sweets? Both of us
Who said I love you first: he did
Who is taller: Freddie
Who sings better: Me but he's not bad when he actually sings
Who is smarter: we're smart in our own ways and in different things
Who does the laundry: Me. He occasionally does a load of only HIS stuff
(my laundry needs are too complex for him he says)
Who pays the bills: Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Fred
Who mows the lawn: Our landlord!
Who cooks dinner: Usually me but he helps
Who drives: Usually him
Who admits they are wrong: We're both really stubborn but eventually one of us does
Who asked who out first: he asked me out
Who wears the pants: he thinks he does but we all know the truth.
What does he do that surprises you: thoughtful gifts
My favorite feature on him: His scruff. NOT beard. Scruff.
Does he have a nickname for you: chanchan
His favorite food: anything Mexican
His favorite sport: Golf, football, golf, basketball, golf and did I mention golf?
Our favorite thing to do as a couple: Anything
Does he have any hidden talents: he can juggle and talk like Donald duck
What do you admire most about him: his ability to see the best in everyone and his desire to help anyone with anything
His favorite color: blue or black
How did he propose: at an overlook of Bear Lake


Amanda said...

How sweet is that??? Aren't you guys too cute!!!! :o)

Amanda said...

Way to go on your May blogging by the way!!!

Jared and Delia said...

Okay this is about the last post, but you're back!

Did you get a Bahamarama Mama? I LOVE those!