Saturday, May 2, 2009

Already a struggle!

It's day two. What have I done! I'm already struggling! I have a ton of blog ideas but I'm posting at my second job Planet Beach (yes...we're closed) so I'm unable to post pictures that go along with the blog posts I've thought of. This will have to do.

Here's a tidbit for those who don't know me too well...(yet). I work at Planet Beach Contempo Spa as a second job not only for a little extra spending moola but also so I can tan and look hot. Whether I tan often enough to claim this is a different story. crap. I will, however, be taking full advantage of this place in the next couple days before heading to sunny Arizona on Tuesday. (Em- can I use your Internet to keep up with this goal I have? and what? this tan?'s all natural. I was born this way. (hair flip) )

side note: Planet Beach is amazing. Stop by if you have one by you. It's NOT a tanning salon. There is tons of amazing spa equipment too.

Please note: upon searching for images with the keyword "lame" - this one pops up. AWESOME.

Tomorrow there will be pictures and excellent* reading material.

*excellent is a term used loosely. whether or not you walk away with a feeling of 'excellentness' or satisfaction based upon excellentness is contingent upon your beliefs, attitudes, and cool factor. author is not held accountable.

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Jared and Delia said...

that picture is so funny!