Friday, May 29, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We've been living in our new place for about 6 months now. This season is our first chance to grow anything and I'd really like to.

I'd love to grow tomatoes. and flowers. but that's about it.

As it's come time to decide where to plant things - we've reached the decision that really...we have no where. Our townhouse is in the shade most the day and the soil that we have in the front in just below the roof that has NO rain gutter. So when it does rain the plants below get trashed with lots of water. The soil in the backyard is again very shaded, and mossy. it stays pretty damp back there.

My parents suggested growing tomatoes in a pot which i think would work if we can figure out where in our yard gets the best sunlight.

hopefully I'll try my hand at gardening. If it doesn't work I'll just steal from my dad's amazing garden...but don't tell.

Do you garden??


Sydney said...

I think you should buy the topsy turvy and see if it works! That thing looks cool.

Laura W said...

Go with your parent suggestions. Get some pots and grow some tomatoes. Try some green beans in pots too. You will love it.