Monday, November 5, 2007

Office Pet Peeves

I've been working at my new job for about a month and a half now. I'm really beginning to catch on and I've been able to create some pretty cool stuff.
However--Now that I'm working in a good sized cubie surrounded by other employees--I have found some things that absolutely drive me nuts.

1. A person that sits near to me, clears his/her throat continually. I mean all day every day. It's like this person is digging for clams.
2. I hate when people have the hiccups. It's gross. I know it can't be helped but its still is sick.
3. Lurkers must be punished. This hasn't been a huge problem but sometimes my "neighbors" will pop up and just talk for lengthy periods of time. This I am not opposed to. It's the lurking that happens after the initial topic has been exhausted and there is no other reason for conversation. Please just sit down so that I can get back to work or something like it.
4. When co-workers repeat things you say. This happens ALL the time. I'm funny--but when you repeat my funny sayings or outrages it doesn't make you funny--Sorry.
5. When people throw away my Firehouse leftovers the day after I put them there. Especially when they are clearly marked "Chana's NO TOUCHY!".

Wow. The venting helped. Except that the throat clearing just began.

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Kate said...

LOL!! Loved the list Chana. I hear ya, I could definitely come up with a list of my own office pet peeves! I miss you, we need to hang out!