Friday, November 2, 2007


This Halloween was incredibly low key. We didn't even think about costumes until the night before. We were lucky to find what we did in the leftovers at a grocery store.

As for festivities-- My work had a Halloween party. We dressed up for that and then headed home and didn't leave our house again. How boring are we!
I love Halloween. I love dressing up and going to parties but for the first Halloween ever, I didn't want to go to a party and neither did Fred.

Next Year we'll have great costumes and we're going to through our own party.

Oh and I'll be better at blogging--I swear!


Kellie said...

Of course Fred is wearing his Chacos. What a total stud!

Kellie said...
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Abbey said...

I miss you! We should have gotten together.. Matt and I did the same thing.. Nothing! You guys look rad in your costumes!

Sydney said...

So you bought costumes to stay at home? Cal me next time and I'll give you some ideas!