Sunday, November 18, 2007

Breaking the Sabbath

Today I'm at work. Not at my actual "career" but at my little side job occupation.
When I got a real job, I decided that I needed to keep working at Planet Beach so that I could keep my tanning benefits and also for a little bit of extra money. So far the only thing utilized is the money. If you've seen me lately you know how un-tan (aka white) I am.

Well I work exactly four hours a pay period which equals a whopping $30 paycheck. Big money I know! So today I am working as my sunday rotation. So my paycheck will be around maybe $40. What a girl will do for a buck.

Working at a tanning SPA is quite interesting. You learn how gross people really are. For example: We've had scary nasty men ask for lotion to be applied, older women walk out in their underwear, poop, vomit, feminine hygiene products left in the garbages and my favorite, couples who go in together and request that their bed is not cleaned between uses, I love Fred more than anything--but you couldn't get me to lay in his sweat.

This blog has absolutely NO purpose except for the fact that not many people tan on Sundays. Therefore I feel as though my time spent here is wasted. I could be lying on my couch watching TV in my PJ's where every other self respecting Mormon is today.

Oh could all of my "blogging buddies" update their blogs--Nowish. I need new reading material.

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Sydney said...

Um, I say you quite. By the time you pay tithing and taxes it's not worth it. Use that time to be home with your hubby and take the much required, much deserved Sunday nap.