Thursday, September 25, 2008

School Syndrome

Do you remember in school when the clock would say 2:30 and class got out at 2:35 so you started putting things away and packing your backpack just so you wouldn't miss the exit time of exactly 2:35?

I totally did this. Through high school and college. I remember Mrs. KJ in senior English yelling at all of us to sit back down because we had 4 more minutes of class. But that bell meant freedom, flirting, and note passing.

In college it meant racing to the next class, running into that cute boy you pass daily on the quad, or running home to watch 'Somebody Like You'. But still when it was within minutes…you were packing to get ready.

Well I just noticed that I totally have this same school syndrome. It's 4:00 which means it's almost 5:00 which means "quittin' time" so I feel like it's time to get ready to go home.
Yep. It's time to finish up my random projects, check all email accounts, stack all my papers (for the appearance of busy), and cross off things on my to-do list. This is the best time of day.

"No I can't meet to talk about that project. I need to get ready to go...I only have 59 minutes to prepare."


Amanda said...

You are such a slacker! And using that precious time to write on you blog......although I am happy about that!

Just tell Joseph to get another job and then you can blogg ALL day!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally hear ya! I am the same way at school. Kids scurry out at 2:45- contract time is until 3:15. I'm so outta here right then. What happened to my ambibition of being a first year teacher? Oh, thats right. I have a horrible class, I'm pregnant, and I'd rather be home with my husband.

Kristina Curtis said...

I have to totally laugh because I do the same thing. I get so ansy I can't stand it. And it seems the more you look at the clock the longer it takes for quiting time!

Amanda said...

Ok..I might have had one of those days today. I get off at 3 and I think the clock stayed at 2 for like 3 hours today!!!!!!! UGHHHH!!!


Hi my beautiful Chana! We so need to talk and can I just tell you how great I think you are?! I hope all is well. We need to play when you guys come down! Steve's family has a cabin up Logan canyon actually.... Maybe we can play up there!

jess said...

lol what are you talking about? i would never do this. ever.

Anonymous said...

HAHA I will still do this at work... So I have been packing and randomly found a box of old notes... Oh Chan, we used to have the most random conversations LOL Good Times!!! Hope everything is going well. DId you ever get your puppy?