Friday, September 12, 2008


this is our buddy and honorary nephew Andrew. He and Fred are best friends.

Tonight he's playing with us while his parents are at a play. He won't leave Fred's side. It's really cute.

He's two and is a little parrot. We love making him say funny things. He does the funniest things all the time I just love it. If you don't have shoes on he'll come over and smell your feet and say 'yuck!' it's so funny. He also spanks your bum and says 'got your booty'. He's just crazy!

He calls Fred 'Doh-Da' as his way of saying Joseph (what Fred is known as in the Dirty Dirty).

We're watching a Goofy Movie for the second time. It's the only kid movie we have...good thing we love it!

We love our little buddy!


Amanda said... cute! I know you are having fun with him! He is so cute! I love that he calls Joseph Do-Dah. How special!

You guys need to have a baby!!! :o)

Sydney said...

That's really cute but just remember who's kids really have a hold of your heart. (okay, so they may leave a stain on your shirt in the process and may just wipe a runny nose on you but still, you know you love them best!)