Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Powell

Last weekend we went to lake powell with the folks. I heart powell. I heart the sun, the burns, the water, the hiking and the yummy food.

My parents have a house boat in Bullfrog. So we drove the glorious five hours to get there and played/relaxed the whole time.

We were there for 3 1/2 days and loved it! It was Fred's first time there and I just know he loved it because how could you not??

Here are some of the highlights:

*Fred losing his Smith sunglasses. Cliff jumping? nope. Jumping a mere 3 feet to splash erin.
*attempting to learn how to snorkle. Those breather things (aka snorkle) just freak me out.
*Scratching my face up while diving for my dad's lost pocket knife.
diving under the houseboat = Not a good idea.
*Learning that even though you are surrounded by water, immersed in water, and you don't feel as though your sweating... deodorant is necessary...oh and maybe some soap oh and using it could also help.
*watching my dad water ski
*hiking and at the top seeing someone set of illegal fireworks...gorgeous! God Bless them and their law breaking habits.
* sleeping under the gorgeous stars. Can someone tell me where the North star really is??

Here are some pics!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! One of these days (with fair warning) we will all go down. Oh, "heart" lake powell? No, no.

Amanda said...

Stop posting stuff like this it makes us want to move back!!!

NO, seriously!!!

It looks like you had too much fun!!

The Jones Family said...

Chana! Whats up girl! Its been a long time. Congrats on being married and all that fun stuff. We should get together next time you guys are in the SLC. Does this make us blog buddies now? Talk to you later.

Sydney said...

I was waiting for the picture of dad water skiing!

Looks like a great trip. No pictures of the beautiful boat? Maybe one year we'll be invited or our kids will actually get old enough for mom and dad to lift the "no kids rule."

Didn't Erin go too? No pictures of her??

thetaylors said...

So sad we weren't invited. We just sat at home and melted in the heat! It looks like you had a great time though and the babies are anxiously awaiting your arrival for the 4th? Are we doing something special for Chana Days?

Cynthia said...

Chana sweetie are you getting excited? I mean really has Chana days already started?