Thursday, September 6, 2007

Curiosity killed...the wolf?

I saw this link on my sisters page and absolutely had to try it. Turns out I'm most like Jacob. Who knew! What I really loved about the results was seeing which actor was who is the book!
I'd say that I could see this one. I think. Although I'm pretty sure this kid played Mogley in Jungle Book.
Here's the link to take the quiz yourself! You know you're curious!
(I'm still learning so I'm not sure how Syd got her clickable off.


Jayme Allen said...

Chana! You are almost a married woman! Sam wants to know what the wolf is...I don't know if he read your blog all the way through.

Mauri said...

Hello you married woman! How does it feel? I heard you got the job. Congrats! I really want to talk to you, but don't want to bother you, so call me when you have some free time.

Kellie said...

When are you going to update your blog? We all know you have lots to tell us about, so get writing.