Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blurring the personal line

Some of these questions were kind of hard. Hard to know what to say, hard to answer. My answers aren't perfect - and I'm sure aren't 100% correct (because the answers often depend on my surroundings) but here you go:
  1. What were the things people said to you that were the most comforting and helpful?
    Sometimes having someone just say that they were sorry and giving you a hug was all that was needed. Or for many of our friends that weren't in the area - a text with words saying that you were thinking about us, praying for us, and loved us was the perfect thing to say. Just knowing we weren't alone - and we were loved was a huge spirit booster.
  2. What is comforting to say to someone who is going through such a traumatic and heart breaking event?
    There isn't a standard answer for this. The best thing is to listen to your gut. For me, I couldn't talk on the phone. I read each text I received but I hardly wrote back. So if you reach out to someone going through a heartbreaking event - just be there for them when they need you - without smothering or butting in. Don't say things like "everything happens for a reason", "at least he's in a better place", or "you'll have more babies". Because while those things are true - they are the last things you want to hear. Because yes, there is a plan. And you will survive. But  it doesn't mean it's easy to accept.. and Heaven is a better place - but in your arms is a good place too.  and Yes, hopefully there will be more babies - but I want MY baby. 
  3. What is helpful to have others do for you?
    When all was said and done and we had about a week of just "us" before graduation and burying Freddie. the thing that made that really helped were meals. I was soo against having meals brought in because we were okay. I could cook. But really - I couldn't. The thought of going to the grocery store made me break down and cry. We were so grateful for the meals brought in - it was so simple yet made life a tiny bit easier. Also having great friends who would just stop by to say hi and end up staying to chat or bring me a sonic drink - those things really helped too. 
  4. What is the hardest thing to hear from others when you know they don't mean it to be harmful or insensitive but to you it is?
    The hardest question for me is " are you doing" with the sympathetic eyes and hand on my arm. Without fail that will make me cry so please don't ask. Because asking "how are you?" is so standard -ask how I am in a cheerful way so I immediately answer in a cheerful way. We know I'm not okay - but unless I bring it up please don't.
    Also, sometimes it's hard to hear the "miracle" stories of people that have been in the same situation. At first we wanted to hear about thriving babies just like Freddie but once we learned of his condition - I didn't care about any of those stories and I didn't want to hear them. Be sensitive when trying to shed a little hope on the situation because you may not not the whole story and someone else's miracle may cause more heartache.
  5. Have you been given any answers (medically) as to why you just went into labor on your own so early?
    My doctor in Arizona simply stated it was an infection in my placenta. With no cause, no prevention, and no warning signs. She breezed over it very nonchalantly as though I had a stubbed my toe NOT lost my baby. However, my new doctor in Utah doesn't think it was an infection entirely. I am undergoing tests to see if there is anything else that could have caused it. At this point - things are indicating a complete fluke.
  6. Do you think you'll ever try to have a baby again?
    The first time I was asked this question - i almost laughed. then cried. Having a baby was obviously something we wanted and want very much. I have a baby. I am a mother. But we want more than anything to bring a healthy baby home. Sure the thought of being pregnant is terrifying but I have faith that we will have babies. 
  7. How long do you think you'll wait to have a baby?
    My Arizona and Utah doctors agreed that it is smartest to undergo a number of tests and procedures before getting pregnant again. Both doctors think it was a complete fluke but we aren't about to chance it. Hopefully I'll be done with the tests soon and we'll if anything needs to happen medically before trying to have a baby again.
  8. Did they try to give you anything to stop your labor?
    No. When I arrived at the hospital I was already dilated to a 10 and my water was on the verge of breaking. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do but prep for a 23-week old baby to be delivered. Though in the delivery room - I might have referenced Grey's Anatomy telling them how to stop my labor.
  9. Do you think you'll ever get over this?
    No. Absolutely not. I hope to eventually get to the point where I don't cry every day and that I can speak to people about our experience without choking up but I will never get over losing my baby.
  10. Could this happen again?
    Possibly. Until we know if there are other causes - we don't know what our risks are.
  11. How is Fred?
    Fred is strong. He's had a really hard time, but silently. Recently, we bought him a dirt bike - and though some don't approve of such a large purchase at a time when we're in the unknown - its made a world of difference. Getting on a dirt bike and escaping is a way for him to cope and feel happiness. The smile its put back on his face is worth every. single. dime.
  12. What are you doing to cope?
    I'm staying busy. When I'm busy I don't have time to dwell on the fact that I should be as big as a house right now. I should be whining about my swollen ankles, inability to sleep, or the fact that my feet have disappeared. Busy is good.
Hopefully I covered all the questions - at least the most commonly asked ones.

Thank you for reading, for caring, for commenting, and for helping me heal through this here blog. Hopefully our experiences have or will help you or someone you know


Amanda said...

I love you, that's all. I just love you.

kate said...

I like your answers about "how are you doing?" It's a natural response from people, but when you're in greiving it's the last thing you want to people to ask. When my best friend died (I know.. not comparable to loosing a child) I wanted to to shout "how the hell do you think I'm doing?" but i had to refrain.

I also hated it when people would skirt around the issue like it never happened. I think it's just really indivdual and reading the person right.

Good for Fred for getting a motorbike. I'm all about a good distraction.

Sending internet hugs your way. Really though, picture my arms around the computer screen. Funny right. ;)

Chelsie and Trace said...

Chana thanks for answering questions that people have wondered about I know I have. Your a strong girl and I admire that!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. We miss you in Arizona!

Emma said...

I'm sorry If i was ever insensitive like that. I love you cuz!
- Emma

Kalli said...

You are without a doubt one of the most amazing people I know. We love you and Fred so much!

Simply Ashley said...

Chana're amazing. Love you lady! Think about you all day every day.

The Barton Family said...

It was so good to celebrate Chana Days with you- and yes, they were wonderful times as do you top a mega slip n slide?? One day at a time Chana, there's no rush.....

Kristine said...

Thanks again for sharing your difficult time with everyone. You are an amazing person.